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German Colonial Rule in Present-day Namibia

The Struggle for Discursive Shifts in History Education

Patrick Mielke

exemplary case studies of colonial rule (Algeria, Cape Colony, Congo, and German South West Africa). These sections are embedded in a longer group assignment that challenges pupils to identify “differences and similarities between the colonies.” 17 The

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Muslim Notables, French Colonial Officials, and the Washers of the Dead

Women and Gender Politics in Colonial Algeria

Augustin Jomier

has shifted dramatically. Several works have explored the rights, roles, and representations of Algerian women under colonial rule. 2 It is now clear that gender hierarchies and representations were a major tool of French colonial rule, 3 and that

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The Civil Code and the Rights of Arabs

Nathalie Nya

French colonial rule in the late 19 th and early 20 th century. Sartre begins his analysis by noting that France would never have been able to rule Algeria without destroying the internal structure of Algerian society. 8 As part of the Ottoman Empire

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Ethnonationalism and Ideology

The Japanese Occupation in Malaysian History Textbooks from 1978 to 2020

Sook Wei Wong

strengthening of political awareness, which eventually led to the movement for independence from colonial rule in Malaysian history. The occupation has been consistently featured in history textbooks published in post-independence Malaysia since 1957 and used as

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A Bridge Across the Mediterranean

Nafissa Sid Cara and the Politics of Emancipation during the Algerian War

Elise Franklin

outcome of a French universalism that would free Algerian women from the yoke of tradition, even without formal colonial rule. In this article, I examine Sid Cara’s biography against the background of the Algerian War. In doing so, I demonstrate how Sid

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“The Dragon Can't Roar”

Analysis of British Expatriate Masculinity in Yusuf Dawood's One Life Too Many

Antony Mukasa Mate

predicament. When the Empire's colonial rule over Kenya ceased, the British living there lost their social and political dominance. Sydney Walker, who represents traditional British heterosexual hegemonic masculinity in One Life Too Many , confronts two other

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Savages Have No Crime!

Radcliffe-Brown on Social Sanctions and the Law

Isak Niehaus

care. In other talk, on 11 October 1928, he told the Australian Federation of Women Voters that colonial rule was to blame for the near extinction of Aboriginal people. 16 When Governor Philip first came to Australia in 1788, he said, there were 300

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“Engaging with the writings of Denise Ferreira da Silva”

Randeep Singh Hothi, Geoffrey Fitzgibbon Hughes, Neel Ahuja, Nathalia Silva Carneiro, Amanda Medeiros Oliveira, and Patrice D. Douglass

sustained auto-critique of its own complicity in racialized colonial rule for decades (see Asad 1975 ; Lewis 1973 ; Pels and Salemink 2000 ; for a contemporary instance, cf. Price 2011 ). However, da Silva shows that any narrow focus on specific direct

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Race and Sex, Fear and Loathing in France during the Great War

Richard S. Fogarty

During the First World War, more than 500,000 colonial subjects served in the French Army. As these men, known as troupes indigenes, helped defend France from invasion, many of them had sexual and romantic relationships with French women. Such intimate contacts across the color line transgressed strict boundaries that separated the non-white colonized from white colonizers, boundaries that helped construct and sustain colonial rule. Thus these interracial relationships produced acute anxieties in the minds of French officials, who worried that their failure to control the passions and desires of colonial men and metropolitan women would ultimately undermine the French empire.

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