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Peter Hudson

This article compares and contrasts liberal democracy and national democracy. It attempts this by focusing on each of these as specific state forms with an effectivity or 'tilt' of their own which includes a determinate preconstruction of the category of the People. It is argued, inter alia, that internal to national democracy is a conception of colonialism (and anti-colonialism) and that the national-racial reference is thus internal to the national democratic conception of equality. In conclusion it is proposed that the tilt of a state form is expressed via the distinction of grammatical mood between the imperative and the subjunctive and that the 1994 South African Constitution, when read in this way, is more liberal democratic than national democratic.

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Kyle Whyte

“colonial ecological violence” as a process of “disrupt[ing] Indigenous eco-social relations” (2018: 1). I seek to investigate philosophically one dimension of how settler colonialism commits environmental injustice through the violent disruption of human

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Julia A. King

purpose of this article is to use the experiences of a fairly large collections-based project, focused on the study of colonialism in the Chesapeake Bay region of North America, to consider the process by which the collections of tomorrow are being

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Terry-Ann Jones

travels from the most destitute parts of the country’s northeast to the plantations of rural São Paulo, which now dominates in agricultural productivity. Rooted in colonialism, Brazil’s contemporary social and economic structures have facilitated the stark

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Mimetic Governmentality, Colonialism, and the State

Patrice Ladwig and Ricardo Roque

: colonialism, the state, and their entanglements with mimetic processes. Main Themes Although we acknowledge and address the resistance aspects of mimesis and imitation on the part of the colonized, our main aim is to investigate, on the one hand, how the

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Natalie Clark

voices of my friends and sisters and the Indigenous feminist activists writing and speaking out today this knowledge of the interlocking arteries of colonialism has always been part of our truth-telling ( de Finney 2010 ; Hunt 2014 ; Simpson 2011

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Ajume H. Wingo

the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which metamorphosed into the African Union (AU) ( Shepperson and Drake 2008 ). For Nkrumah, the cure for the ills caused by colonialism was for Africa to unite: If we (Africans) are to remain free, if we are to

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Yan Slobodkin

address it, while a new vision of the French empire as a participant in an international humanitarian project profoundly altered ideas of what colonialism was supposed to accomplish. The raison d’être of the French empire became the wellbeing of its

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Digitizing the Western Gaze

The End FGM Guardian Global Media Campaign

Jessica Cammaert

various diasporas can unite in the safe haven of the United Kingdom to freely and openly combat the practice. And from this former colonial metropole, imperialist divisions and the legacies of colonialism dissipate in the shared belief of opposition. By

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The Colonial State and Carnival

The Complexity and Ambiguity of Carnival in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Christoph Kohl

periods of Portuguese colonialism in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa—the late nineteenth century, when effective colonial seizure was yet to be accomplished, and the heyday of anti-colonial struggle in the 1960s and early 1970s—in order to explore the multiple