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Global privatized power

Heritage politics and private military contractors in Iraq

Maria Theresia Starzmann

The practice of archaeologists and other heritage specialists to embed with the US military in Iraq has received critical attention from anthropologists. Scholars have highlighted the dire consequences of such a partnership for cultural heritage protection by invoking the imperialist dimension of archaeological knowledge production. While critical of state power and increasingly of militarized para-state actors like the self-proclaimed Islamic State, these accounts typically eclipse other forms of collaboration with non-state organizations, such as private military and security companies (PMSCs). Focusing on the central role of private contractors in the context of heritage missions in Iraq since 2003, I demonstrate that the war economy's exploitative regime in regions marked by violent conflict is intensified by the growth of the military-industrial complex on a global scale. Drawing on data from interviews conducted with archaeologists working in the Middle East, it becomes clear how archaeology and heritage work prop up the coloniality of power by tying cultural to economic forms of control.

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Dis-orienting Western Knowledge

Coloniality, Curriculum and Crisis

Zeus Leonardo

official, administrative colonialism and towards the ‘coloniality of power’. Following the grooves of Quijano, Nelson Maldonado-Torres (2007: 243 ) describes coloniality thusly: Coloniality is different from colonialism. Colonialism denotes a political

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Love is Love

The Recent Jason Jones Judgement in Trinidad and Tobago

Dylan Kerrigan

consider it neocolonialism to remove these laws – is a stark example of the coloniality of power. For many ex-colonial societies around the world, their present social divisions, dehumanising laws and homophobic narratives are local entanglements of global

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Decolonizing Anthropology

Reflections from Cambridge

Heidi Mogstad and Lee-Shan Tse

and consciously interrogate our own positionality, privilege and power in the everyday of the field. Indeed, acknowledging the enduring coloniality of power and knowledge is only the first step; the next step is to carefully examine how our own modes

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Incarnate Politics beyond the Cross and the Sword

Carlota McAllister and Valentina Napolitano

event of the Conquest to the history of Europe will come as no surprise to those who have elaborated concepts like the coloniality of power ( Mignolo 2011 ; Moraña et al. 2008 ; Quijano 2000 ; Quijano and Wallerstein 1992 ) or racial capitalism

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Enforcing Apartheid?

The Politics of “Intolerability” in the Danish Migration and Integration Regimes

Julia Suárez-Krabbe and Annika Lindberg

:// (accessed 14 November 2018 ). Quijano , Aníbal . 2000 . “ Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America .” Nepantla 1 ( 3 ): 533 – 80 . Sharma , Nandita . 2005 . “ Anti-Trafficking Rhetoric in the Making of Global Apartheid

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Landscapes and Races in Early Twentieth-Century Peru

The Travels of José Uriel García and Aurelio Miró Quesada Sosa

Rupert J. M. Medd

. Mignolo , Walter D. 2005 . The Idea of Latin America . Oxford : Blackwell . Mignolo , Walter D. 2007 . “ Coloniality of Power and De-colonial Thinking: Introduction .” Cultural Studies 21 ( 2 ): 155 – 167 . 10.1080/09502380601162498 Mignolo

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Lazy Labor, Modernization, and Coloniality

Mobile Cultures between the Andes and the Amazon around 1900

Jaime Moreno Tejada

America, Part 2 , ed. Frank Salomon and Stuart B. Schwartz (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000), 188–256, here: 216. 25 Muratorio, Grandfather Alonso , 107. 26 See Mignolo, “Coloniality” and also Anibal Quijano, “Coloniality of Power and

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Finding a place in the world

Political subjectivities and the imagination of Iceland after the economic crash

Kristín Loftsdóttir

and Gísli Pálsson , ix – xxvii . Iowa City : University of Iowa Press . Dzenovska , Dace . 2013 . “ Historical agency and the coloniality of power in postsocialist Europe ”. Anthropological Theory 13 ( 4 ): 394 – 416 . 10

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Desire for the political in the aftermath of the Cold War

Dace Dzenovska and Nicholas De Genova

liberalism . Ithaca, NY : Cornell University Press . Dzenovska , Dace . 2013 . “ Historical agency and the coloniality of power in postsocialist Europe ”. Anthropological Theory 13 ( 4 ): 394 – 416 . 10.1177/1463499613502185 Escobar , Arturo . 2010