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Lisen Dellenborg and Margret Lepp

The Problem: Inter-Professional Conflict Influencing Quality of Care Healthcare professionals are involved in conflicts and ethical dilemmas that call for their judgement in their everyday work. Complicating the situation, these conflicts and

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Curating Conflict

Four Exhibitions on Jerusalem

Sa'ed Atshan and Katharina Galor

session of the World Heritage Committee. While the indivisible heritage referred to in this context reflects the reality of Jerusalem's Old City's intertwined historical, cultural, and religious legacies, it does not address the geopolitical conflict, in

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Moral Conflict

The Private, the Public and the Political

Marios Filis

Monism, Pluralism and Relativism In this article I want to re-examine the issue of moral conflict and argue that certain explanations of this issue are particularly problematic in relation to the distinction between the concepts of the private

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The OECD Water Governance Principles in Flood Risk Management

Understanding Conflicts and Frictions in Dutch Flood Protection

Nadine Keller, Barbara Tempels, and Thomas Hartmann

The OECD Water Governance Principles provide a guideline for good water governance. However, these principles can conflict with each other when applied in practice. This contribution aims to understand which dilemmas arise and how such conflicts play out. It is explored in an in-depth case study on Dutch flood risk management in which conflicts between the principles emerge when applied to flood risk management practice. Interviews with water managers were used to collect data on which principles contradict each other and how these conflicts work out in practice. The study reveals that although the principles seem obvious, some principles indeed clash when applying them, while others do not lead to conflicts. Principles on efficiency, trust, and engagement have high potential for conflicts.

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Between Conflicting Systems

An Ordinary Tragedy in Now-Capitalist Albania

Matthew Rosen

and what happened with the publishing house and what our intentions were in the beginning and how it all collapsed’. Taking that thread to be spun from the conflicting social, moral and economic codes and conventions governing everyday life in Tirana

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Naïve scientists and conflict analysis

Learning through case studies

R. William Ayres

how the world works. However, much of the teaching of international conflict relies on theory, focusing on broad ideas from the scholarly literature about how conflicts work. Most texts on conflict and conflict analysis (e.g. Crocker, Hampson and Aall

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The 2014 Israel-Hamas Conflict

Repercussions on French Foreign and Domestic Policy

Eve Benhamou

The third Israel-Hamas conflict, which erupted in July 2014, was the longest and deadliest conflict involving the two parties since Hamas's takeover of the Gaza strip in June 2007. 1 The confrontation was preceded by an escalation of tensions

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Edith Kauffer

*Full article is in French

English abstract: This article explores the apparent paradox of the simultaneity of conflicts and cooperation in transboundary rivers basins in Central America and Southern Mexico. It documents diverse relationships among a plurality of local and national actors as well as reciprocal influences within decision-making processes in the context of events that have taken place in the Lempa and Usumacinta watersheds since 2010. A key point of this reflection is the passage from separate views of conflict and cooperation to the redefinition of a non-linear continuum based on different experiences in the field.

Spanish abstract: Este artículo explora la aparente paradoja entre la simultaneidad de los conflictos y la cooperación en las cuencas transfronterizas de América Central y del sur de México, para acciones posteriores al año 2010 a partir de los casos de los Ríos Lempa y Usumacinta. El texto documenta las diversas relaciones existentes entre una pluralidad de actores locales y nacionales, así como la presencia de influencias recíprocas dentro de los procesos de toma de decisiones. Uno de los elementos más importantes que permite esta reflexión es el tránsito de una visión separada sobre los conflictos y la cooperación a la redefinición de un continuum no linear fundamentado en las diversas experiencias de campo.

French abstract: Cet article propose d'explorer l'apparent paradoxe de la simultanéité des conflits et de la coopération dans les bassins d'Amérique Centrale et du sud du Mexique. Le texte documente les diverses relations entre une pluralité d'acteurs locaux et nationaux, ainsi que les influences réciproques existant dans les processus de prise de décision. La période considère des actions postérieures à 2010, à partir des cas des fleuves Lempa et Usumacinta. Un des éléments clés de cette réflexion est l'évolution d'une analyse qui a débuté dans une vision séparée des conflits et de la coopération à la redéfinition d'un continuum non linéaire basée sur diverses expériences de terrain.

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Conflicts in Children’s Everyday Lives

Fresh Perspectives on Protracted Crisis in Lebanon

Erik van Ommering

Even though Beirut attains top rankings among the trendiest travel destinations each year, Lebanon retains notoriety for its legacies of civil war, an unparalleled refugee crisis and vulnerability to regional conflicts and global power play. In 2016

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Nazism and the Holocaust in Indian History Textbooks

Basabi Khan Banerjee and Georg Stöber

this period in history on the part of the learners. In Indian education as in Indian identity politics, conflicting positions vie for supremacy. 14 These views also imply different stances toward the Nazi era. In order to address these different