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Hydrologic Habitus

Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure

Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan

Private water wells and municipal water supplies function as different systems of water provision, creating distinct—but understudied—patterns of water consumption. This article examines private well ownership to assess the relationships among conspicuous water consumption, cultural practices, and environmental structures. We surveyed well owners and non-well owners throughout Kansas, a state highly reliant on groundwater (n = 864). Borrowing insights from Bourdieu’s analysis of cultural consumption, this research considers the relationships between demographic variables and watering routines. We provide evidence that well ownership is a significant predictor of conspicuous water usage, and suggest attention to individuals’ hydrologic habitus—a disposition toward water usage shaped by infrastructure, class, and pertinent social variables—facilitates a better understanding of well ownership, drought-time watering, and conspicuous water consumption.

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Tourist versus Traveler Revisited

Back to the Eighteenth Century

Giuli Liebman Parrinello

Although a great deal has been written about the constantly debated relationship between tourist and traveler (tourism and travel) with often quite different ideological approaches being adopted, nevertheless consensus still seems to be a distant reality. In this article, the reasons for this apparent theoretical impasse are explored by tracing its historical origins. Most scholars agree that tourism as a modern phenomenon appeared on the horizon of Western European society in the second half of the eighteenth century, thereby allowing a broad historical and dualistic conceptualization of tourism, which added to its dynamic characteristic (travel) a notion of temporary sojourn including leisure (villeggiatura, spas, etc.). The background of an articulated Enlightenment revealed not only a new anthropological curiosity about the Other, but also features like conspicuous consumption and eudaemonism, which played and continue to exert a fundamental role in the tourism of yesterday and today. Furthermore, the emerging dialectic between the new social actor (the tourist) and the movement (tourism) can currently be read as a substantial and dramatic “figuration“ (Elias 1978a), encompassing unforeseen consequences within the framework of communication.

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Impatient Accumulation, Immediate Consumption

Problems with Money and Hope in Central Kenya

Peter Lockwood

impatient accumulation and immediate consumption through which Chungwa's poorer urban youth simulate the lives of the wealthy—the rapid acquisition and expenditure of cash on alcohol and other substances in order to emulate modes of conspicuous consumption

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“bohemian bourgeois.” David Brooks coined the term in his book, Bobos in Paradise (2000), where he defined bobos as upper-middle class individuals who espouse liberal politics and who eschew conspicuous consumption. This article examines why use of the

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The Spectacular Traveling Woman

Australian and Canadian Visions of Women, Modernity, and Mobility between the Wars

Sarah Galletly

the AWM were at the height of their popularity in Canada and Australia between the 1920s and 1950s, an era that also saw the emergence of mass travel and a renewed emphasis on conspicuous consumption and leisure following World War I. In their recent

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Scott Gunther

Upper Class and How They Got There . 1 He defines the bobo as a cosmopolitan, upper-middle-class individual who espouses liberal politics (especially with regard to social and environmental issues) and eschews conspicuous consumption, spending large

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Brexit, Sustainability, Economics, Companies’ Responsibilities, and Current Representations

consumerism? This results in a constant increase of sea and air traffic, as well as incredible levels of conspicuous consumption and waste. Numerous corporate scandals have revealed, for example, misleading control systems of diesel engines in cars produced by

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Ling Tang, Jun Zubillaga-Pow, Hans Rollmann, Amber Jamilla Musser, Shannon Scott and Kristen Sollée

conspicuous consumption is manifested through objects as well, specifically food. In The Farmer’s Wife (1928) , a table is overcrowded with a feast, including a “riotous shaking of the Jell-O,” adding more complications to an already doomed marriage proposal

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Authenticity and Aspiration

Exploring the CBBC Television Tween

Sarah Godfrey

. Thus, for the tween girls of The Dumping Ground , the questions of belonging and becoming are less to do with the conspicuous consumption often associated with the neoliberal tween and more focused on an inherent, or innate sense of authenticity

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Andrew McCumber

California in the 1970s. These laborers perform physically demanding work, often in Santa Barbara’s hyper-rich areas of Montecito and Hope Ranch that, as Hondagneu-Sotelo (2014: 74) puts it, “supports the conspicuous consumption of domesticated nature and