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Fashioning Masculinities through Migration

Narratives of Romanian Construction Workers in London

Alexandra Urdea

other places of migration too—very often Italy or Spain. In particular, London attracts men who come to work in the city's lucrative construction industry. In 2017 Romanian men formed more than half of the EU nationals working in construction ( Kollewe

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A culture of informality?

Fragmented solidarities among construction workers in Nepal

Dan V. Hirslund

Despite a history of labor militancy in past decades, Nepal’s large construction sector remains unorganized and lacks social protection, prompted by high levels of informality. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among construction laborers in Kathmandu, this article argues that labor subsumption to capital in the construction industry takes place through a systemization of expertise through which access to work is negotiated. I show how this “culture of informality” shapes labor relations and creates a semblance of transparency and justice in otherwise chaotic and fiercely competitive labor communities. Drawing on concepts from political and urban anthropology to probe how informality indexes forms of power, I argue that authority and status become distributed through processes of distinction and thereby extend and deepen inequalities permeating contemporary industrial relations.

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Migration and the Persian Gulf

Demography, Identity and the Road to Equitable Policies

Ali Modarres

In 2005, the nations of the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC), which consist of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, housed over 12 million international migrants. Employed mainly within the service and construction industries, these foreign workers have become a demographic majority in some GCC countries, creating an urgent need for more progressive immigration and equitable integration policies. This article provides an overview of migration to the region, situating it within the larger global emigration/immigration context. By focusing on the various stages of migration and the economic role played by migrants, the article argues for policies that protect the economic, social and political rights of labour migrants. It concludes with recommendations that consider conditions in both the GCC and migrants' countries of origin.

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Tiffany Pollock

our own job. Not like working at restaurant where the boss pushes us even when no customers. It's our own job” (group interview, 7 July 2019). All these young men started out in service or construction industries, which they said were dangerous, and

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Crisis and retirement

Alienation in Kerala's tea belt

Jayaseelan Raj

different locations for work in the construction industry as a helper ( kaiyāl ) for a mason ( maisthrie ). Selvam's wife suffered from various health issues and didn't go to work. This routine life was seriously hit by Devi's sudden death around eight

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Everyday Suffering and the Abstract Time-Reckoning of Law

Reflections on the Allocation of Responsibility for an Asbestos Disaster in Italy

David Loher

supplier for the construction industry, where the product was used in the form of fibre cement. This processing method was invented by the Austrian Ludwig Hatschecke and marketed under the brand name Eternit, which quickly became a synonym for fibre cement

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Fake buildings and gray development in Nairobi

Constance Smith

her home as unexplainable or as an aberration. She was quick to link the collapse of the building to wider Nairobi politics, as well as to a shadowy world of property speculation and an opportunistic construction industry that cuts corners to increase

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Ten Years of Transfers

Mobility Studies and Social Change during a Pandemic

Mimi Sheller

form, as Arundhati Roy writes: As shops, restaurants, factories and the construction industry shut down, as the wealthy and the middle classes enclosed themselves in gated colonies, our towns and megacities began to extrude their working

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Don Nonini

, pension funds, international banks) and their allies in the housing construction industry placed pressure on the center-right governments that succeeded the Den Uyl government to reduce its mandated state financing of new construction of social rental

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Air in Unexpected Places

Metabolism, Design, and the Making of an ‘African’ Aircrete

Michael Degani

construction industry is one of the largest global emissions producers, accounting in 2009 for nearly 23 per cent of all carbon emissions ( Huang et al. 2018 ). In building with concrete, it is hard not to feel like we are digging our own graves. Photo 2