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An ecology of difference

Equality and conflict in a glocalized world

Arturo Escobar

This paper develops a broad conceptualization of what could be called a political ecology of difference. The paper builds on trends in political ecology, the politics of place, and cultural analyses of modern conceptions of nature, rights, and the individual to outline an integrated framework for thinking about difference from the perspective of economic, ecological, and cultural distribution conflicts. The argument is illustrated with a case study from the Pacific rainforest region of Colombia, particularly the political ecology developed by the region’s social movement of black communities; the paper concludes with implications of the framework for thinking about the cultural politics of dominant institutions and their potential transformation along the lines of a politics of difference.

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The Role of Naturalness in Ecological Restoration

A Case Study from the Cook County Forest Preserves

Nicole M. Evans and William P. Stewart

the past. Nature and Natural The social construction of nature posits many socially shared meanings for nature ( Bird 1987 ; Demeritt 2002 ; Greider and Garkovich 1994 ), with naturalness being relevant to some of these meanings. Raymond Williams has

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What Makes a Panther a Panther?

Genetics, Human Perceptions, and the Complexity of Species Categorization

Catherine Macdonald and Julia Wester

, attitudes, and beliefs about species and hybrids that will determine future actions ( Stronen and Paquet 2013 ). Issues of species categorization raise questions about the social construction of nature in both senses—in terms of human construction of an

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Making Sense of the Human-Nature Relationship

A Reception Study of the “Nature Is Speaking” Campaign on YouTube

Ulrika Olausson

). This article contributes knowledge about everyday discursive constructions of nature and the human-nature relationship in a mediated setting. As argued by Antonio Lopez (2013) , there is a strong need to incorporate mediated communication into the

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Kate Pride Brown

Consumption in the Home ”. UbiComp ’08 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing , 242 – 251 . 10.1145/1409635.1409668 Eder , Klaus , and Mark Trans Ritter . 1996 . The Social Construction of Nature: A Sociology of

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Explicating Ecoculture

Tracing a Transdisciplinary Focal Concept

Melissa M. Parks

framework. 2011: Ecocultural Communication Communication scholarship has taken ecocultural discussion in important directions, particularly in calling attention to problematic discursive constructions of nature-culture relationships. Given the role of

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Natures of Naturalism

Reaching Bedrock in Climate Science

Martin Skrydstrup

identifies four experiential orders: totemism, analogism, animism, and naturalism. Particularly interesting for my purposes is Descola’s notion of naturalism, described as an inversion of the “cultural construction of nature,” an experiential mode in which

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Unsettling the Land

Indigeneity, Ontology, and Hybridity in Settler Colonialism

Paul Berne Burow, Samara Brock, and Michael R. Dove

constructions of nature. The adoption of a geological understanding of land in Haida Gwaii, for example, gave rise to new forms of calculation and governance in relation to it. As land came to be understood as vertical, human subjectivities changed to better