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Deleuze's Postscript on the Societies of Control

Updated for Big Data and Predictive Analytics

James Brusseau

In 1990, Gilles Deleuze published Postscript on the Societies of Control, a milestone in philosophy's application to culture, economics, and advancing technology. The essay is short, speculative, and divided into three sections. The first

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(Para)normalizing Rape Culture

Possession as Rape in Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Annika Herb

life at risk, often at his hands. Their relationship is fraught with issues of power and control as he stalks and pursues her in a physically aggressive manner, coaching her into a submissive state. Negotiations of power and control manifest as acts of

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Pathologizing Latinas

Racialized Girlhood, Behavioral Diagnosis, and California's Foster Care System

Isabella C. Restrepo

Carcerality and Control: Foster Youth in the Golden State ODD… is … oppositional stuff like I'm not going to follow your rules, fuck you. That kind of girl—that kind of girl comes into therapy and is like I don't care about you, I don't know

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Extraterritorial migration control in Malaysia

Militarized, externalized, and regionalized

Choo Chin Low

The past decade has witnessed an upsurge of extraterritorial migration control in Malaysia due to the growing consequences of irregular migration. The most important factor fueling external border control constitutes the recent non

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Who Controls the Israeli Policing Army?

Yagil Levy

-militia force, setting policy that may deviate from the official line. However, beyond this general reflection, the emerging policing army and especially the mechanisms that monitor its performance deserve deeper analysis. The question of who controls the

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Investigation, Examination, Control, and Anxiety

Brian Bergen-Aurand

noticed yet remaining unnoticed, in order to keep us “on our toes.” In this light, surveillance is not only about investigating, examining, logging, and controlling the body but also about bringing the body into being as a body-to-be-surveilled, about

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Rick Turner, Participatory Democracy and Workers’ Control

Alex Lichtenstein

Workers’ control in the enterprise is a necessary condition for freedom but it is not a sufficient condition ( Turner 2015 [1972]: 64 ). Detained, interrogated and tortured by the South African security police in early 1982, trade union

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Controlled experiments

Ethnographic notes on the intergenerational dynamics of aspirational migration and agrarian change in upland Laos

Paul‐David Lutz

This article provides ethnographic insights into the Southeast Asian peasantry’s engagements with agrarian change. It speaks both to Southeast Asian studies’ longstanding interest in the dynamics of socio‐economic transformation, and to anthropology’s burgeoning focus on how future‐oriented aspirations are produced, negotiated and enacted under specific socio‐political, material and historical conditions. Drawing on 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork in an ethnic Khmu hamlet in northern Laos, I show upland peasants on the cusp of agrarian transition engaging aspirational migration through ‘controlled experiments’: pioneering pursuits of betterment, crucially buttressed by multiple, locally specific factors. These factors include a still largely intact peasant natural economy, historically endowed intimacy with the modernising state and, not least, a precariously persistent ‘intergenerational contract’ in which youthful mobility and parental stability remain ambiguously yet irreducibly intertwined. Notably, whereas much research on Laos has focused on communities (adversely) impacted by transition, this article discusses a community that is both politically connected and, concomitantly, still relatively unscathed by the (transitory) detriments of commodification, enclosure and dispossession. In sum, this article confirms that while striving for a better future is probably a basic aspect of the human condition, definitions and pursuits of such futures are contextually contingent, not least along generational lines.

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A Brief History of Smart Transportation Infrastructure

Kathleen Frazer Oswald

uses, the term suggests a host of information-driven features including real-time data collection and processing (see IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign 3 ), instant visibility and real-time remote control (smart electric grids and smart metering), more

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Everyday Security Practices in Gang-Controlled Neighborhoods in San Salvador

Chris van der Borgh

orders in Latin America's margins, on the other, is understudied. This article analyzes the everyday experiences of insecurity and the practices used to deal with threats and challenges in gang-controlled neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Area of San