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Convivencia and Securitization

Ordering and Managing Migration in Ceuta (Spain)

David Moffette

Ceuta is a Spanish city in Northern Morocco. It is thus situated at a European Union border on the African continent. In this context, I contend that migration is generally considered a potential threat to the pacified local order of things by the Christian majority. In order to protect this order of things referred to as convivencia, Christian Ceutíes tend to prefer depoliticizing strategies to manage migration. Nonetheless, migration sometimes becomes highly politicized and is framed as a security issue. This essay thus suggests that the concept of securitization is relevant to grasp the problematization of migration in times of crisis in Ceuta and analyzes three occurrences of local processes of securitization.

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Pax Regis

Patronage, charisma, and ethno-religious coexistence in a Spanish enclave in North Africa

Brian Campbell

The people of Ceuta see their town as an exemplary model of coexistence between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus. This “convivencia” is described as the brainchild of their mayor-president, who funds clients to enact his charismatic vision. Anthropology is sensitive to the moral ambiguities of patron–client relations but has overlooked the role of charisma in the reproduction of patronage reproduction. This article explores the theoretical and political implications of a process by which convivencia-patronage becomes seen as the extension of the patron’s charisma. Obscuring the historical dimensions of power, charisma blocks nuanced discussion toward the colonial legacy of convivencia as a way of controlling suspect minorities. It prevents change by channeling resistance toward the removal of the mayor-president, not the structures that enabled his rise.

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Francisco Jiménez Bautista

a día. (EX_E410) A través de estas referencias sobre las formas de convivencia por parte de las mujeres, se denuncia el hacinamiento y se evidencia la necesidad de aguantar a distintas compañeras en el día a día. Sin embargo, son conscientes de

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Religious Plurality, Interreligious Pluralism, and Spatialities of Religious Difference

Jeremy F. Walton and Neena Mahadev

: The Problem of Symbiosis Under Early Islam is an exemplary study in this respect. 4 Nostalgia for bygone interreligious tranquility, especially in Muslim polities—the convivencia of Muslim Iberia, the supposed harmony of the Ottoman millet

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The Gods of the Hunt

Stereotypes, Risk and National Identity in a Spanish Enclave in North Africa

Brian Campbell

function to integrate migrants, rehabilitate the image of the Moor and consolidate village solidarity ( Harris 1994 ; Kottman 2011 ). In Barcelona and Ceuta, a discourse of convivencia coexists with constant interference in Muslim affairs ( Moreras 2015

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Jeremy F. Walton and Piro Rexhepi

fact of religious difference. The motifs of inter-religious tolerance, convivencia , and co-existence among religious communities structure these debates, especially in relation to the transnational politics of ‘religious freedom’ ( Hurd 2015

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Simoneta Negrete-Yankelevich, Israel Portillo, Guadalupe Amescua-Villela, and Alejandra Núñez-de la Mora

DeMano, en el que ya existe un invernadero, huerto y cocina comunitarios, así como un área abierta techada donde se realizan las reuniones, talleres y convivencias. Ante la relevancia de este proyecto que está logrando notables impactos a escala micro

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Migrant Residents in Search of Residences

Locating Structural Violence at the Interstices of Bureaucracies

Megan Sheehan

in the Present , ed. Richard Fox , 137 – 162 . Santa Fe : School of American Research Press . Álvarez , Rosario . 2017 . “ Bachelet firma proyecto de ley de migraciones: ‘Estamos dando un paso importante para la convivencia en Chile

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Grounding Rights

Populist and Peasant Conceptions of Entitlement in Rural Nicaragua

David Cooper

grounded open to ethnographic specification. Rights in the FSLN’s Project of Poder Ciudadano In Convivencia y Civismo (Community and Citizenship), a second-grade textbook produced by the Nicaraguan government, in a section titled “The Importance of

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Jelena Tošić and Annika Lems

( convivencia ) and (“Muslim”) danger to Spanish identity, which has inscribed itself in vernacular idioms. Farida Souiah's contribution makes us consider the reasons for and meanings of not (explicitly) referring to colonial legacies in the course of