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The correct secret

Discretion and hypertransparency in Chinese biosecurity

Katherine A. Mason

eliminating guanxi also required redefining which data could be “correct.” G uanxi partners often produced statistics for each other that no one believed to be “true” but that everyone found to be, as Susan Blum (2007) puts it, “correct.” If a guanxi

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The 'Orthodoxy' of Orthodoxy

On Moral Imperfection, Correctness, and Deferral in Religious Worlds

Andreas Bandak and Tom Boylston

This article uses ethnographic studies of Orthodox Christianities as a way to investigate the concept of 'orthodoxy' as it applies to religious worlds. Orthodoxy, we argue, is to be found neither in opposition to popular religion nor solely in institutional churches, but in a set of encompassing relations among clergy and lay people that amounts to a religious world and a shared tradition. These relations are characterized by correctness and deferral—formal modes of relating to authority that are open-ended and non-definitive and so create room for certain kinds of pluralism, heterodoxy, and dissent within an overarching structure of faith and obedience. Attention to the aesthetics of orthodox practice shows how these relations are conditioned in multi-sensory, often non-linguistic ways. Consideration of the national and territorial aspects of Orthodoxy shows how these religious worlds of faith and deferral are also political worlds.

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"On the correct handling of contradictions"

Liberal-culturalism in indigenous studies

Luisa Steur

Ronald Niezen, The origins of indigenism: human rights and the politics of identity. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003, 272 pp., ISBN 0520-23554-1 (hb), 0520-23556-8 (pb).

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

The Study of Fighting Words These days, calling something or someone “politically correct” is usually neither mere description nor praise. It is more likely an expression of disapproval, derision, or hostility. As such, it is mostly used to

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Bernard Matolino

role in influencing how people make decisions. For Ani, while Eze leans too much on character or moral status of participant, Wiredu leans too much on moral status as well as logical force of argument. To correct Wiredu in particular, following

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John H. Gillespie

? What is said to be impossible: man, poetry, moral values, becomes possible. Nihilism is left behind. On the basis of the moral correctness of his belief in the values of authentic freedom he can condemn the sinfulness of the leap to the transcendent

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Rogue or Lover

Value-Maximizing Interpretations of Withnail and I

Peter Alward

, be expressing his own homosexuality. Meta-interpretive Pluralism I do not mean to defend either interpretation as correct here. In fact, as a kind of interpretive pluralist, I take the notion of there being a single correct interpretation

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

commonplace in addition to being at the core of an entire industry. The military origin of this industry, however, tends to be either forgotten or concealed. Ronald Stade gives an account of the conceptual history and social life of “political correctness

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The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable

Commission for Religious Relationships with the Jews

Henry Wansbrough

joint social action. In the 1985 document ‘Notes on the Correct Way to Present Judaism in Preaching and Catechesis’, Christians were invited to recognize Jewish religious attachment to ‘the land of the forefathers’. This was an important recognition of

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Writing Childhoods, Righting Memory

Intergenerational Remembrance in Post-communist Romania

Codruta Alina Pohrib

’s retail price was fairly prohibitive, while Outside the Apartment Building fared much better in terms of affordability and outreach. Correcting Memory According to Mihai-Stelian Rusu, the official discourse about the communist past in Romania has been