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Linking Ideology, Habitus and Landscape

Traditional and Contemporary Uses of Gardens and Parks in Iran

Nasim Yazdani

For centuries, nature has played significant roles in the Persianate world. Across generations and beyond national borders, Persian gardens and parks have carried traces of narratives, beliefs and attitudes of those who designed, built and used them. This article explores Persian garden history and philosophy, and the emergence of urban parks in Iran. It examines the evolution of cultural attitudes and their reflections in contemporary meanings, layout and use of parks. Landscape narratives both influence and are shaped by shifting cultural values and needs. Urbanisation – and the necessity for urban dwellers to experience ‘nature’ in new environments, sociocultural factors and habitus transformation contribute to the diminution of the role of ‘traditional’ narratives in contemporary design. Nevertheless, the importance of spaces of stillness in landscape design, inherited from Persian garden ideology, influences recreational behaviour in Iran’s contemporary urban parks.

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Miley, What’s Good?

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Instagram Reproductions, and Viral Memetic Violence

Aria S. Halliday

( Kanai 2016 ). The images, including those of girls, that we find most appalling, entertaining, and problematic are circulated and recirculated because the cultural attitudes that already constitute our everyday lives reinforce our ideas of disgust and

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Adolescence in Action

Screening Narratives of Girl Killers

Eva Lupold

The term girl heroine is an ambiguous signifier in discourses surrounding action-adventure cinema. Film scholars occasionally refer to adult action heroines as girls, while adolescent warriors remain largely overlooked in the literature. Research on women warriors focuses primarily on “musculinity” films of the 1980s or on more recent “action babe” movies featuring adult women. However, movies like Kick-Ass, Hanna, Violet & Daisy, Hard Candy, True Grit, and The Hunger Games demonstrate that films with adolescent action heroines are increasingly popular. This article argues that contemporary depictions of girl warriors emerge as a result of recent shifts in cultural attitudes towards girlhood sexuality and girlhood aggression. It also argues that the rise of the adolescent action heroine points to anxieties about changes in nuclear family structures, and that contemporary action films imply that young girls should be responsible for maintaining moral order. Ultimately, such films thus contain regressive as well as progressive messages.

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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

fundamental question to be asked is, to what traditional rights do traditional leaders refer, if these ‘traditional rights’ are closely bound up with cultural attitudes? Are we speaking of their rights in pre-colonial days, when there was a strong measure of

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Deproblematizing The Merchant of Venice

Text, and Pretexts for Changing Subtext

Roger Wooster

matters because, as Loonba points out, cultural attitudes in theatre have ‘deeply shaped English imagining of out-siders’. 13 At a time of the antisemitic riots in London mentioned above, it could appear that Shakespeare was fuelling the flames of

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Bath Houses

The Shared Space between Athens and Jerusalem

Lev Taylor

Jewish cultural attitudes towards the body, like in all cultures, are filled with contradictions. While Judaism does not have the same traditions of bodily denial as Christianity does, Eilberg-Schwartz argues, policing bodies plays a key role in Judaism

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Women and development in Vietnam

Caught between social tradition and economic globalization

Khuat Thu Hong

(f) cultural attitudes and education systems: there are serious concerns on the persistence of women’s disempowerment despite marked improvements in gender equality measures. This highlighted the need to reform education systems so that they would no

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Brexit, Sustainability, Economics, Companies’ Responsibilities, and Current Representations

mathematical function that has little concern for economic decision making—it is “without responsibility and meaning.” Hannah Arendt (1958: 4) makes this clear when she states: if we would follow the advice, so frequently urged upon us, to adjust our cultural

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

relationships under intense scrutiny had life-changing implications for girls. The story of Spalding and Stanton illustrates the effects of changing scientific and cultural attitudes on young women who were coming of age during this shift. Girls who remained

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Maggie Gray, Kees Ribbens, Sebastian Domsch, and Dyfrig Jones

historical argument isn't really the point of this volume, which goes without a conclusion. In undertaking his attentive readings, Groensteen draws on formal concepts, suggests shifts in production and cultural attitudes, touches on pertinent political and