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Ordure and Disorder

The Case of Basra and the Anthropology of Excrement

Hayder Al-Mohammad

In this article I demonstrate that issues surrounding excrement in Iraq intersect sites where power and order, the state and its absence, and everyday moral order and its erasure become painfully evident. In the first piece of ethnography, I recount daily walks taken with an informant through the war-torn streets of Basra (Iraq), where in some places human excrement fills the streets. The second part of the article pursues the same theme in the context of a prison, where the lack of toilet facilities becomes a physical and symbolic means of torture.

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The True Story of Gundagai’s Dog on the Tuckerbox

Tourists, Truth, and the Insouciance of Souvenirs

Richard White

meaning: the dog appears to be simply sitting. Only very rare cartoon depictions of a defecating dog exist: the statue version dominates the visual representation. However in media where the visual is less dominant—in spoken verse, word of mouth or written

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Land, Nation and Tourist

Moral Reckoning in Post-GFC Iceland

Mary Hawkins and Helena Onnudottir

; venturing past the coloured stones which have for years marked the geyser boundaries, and getting scalded when the geyser erupts – as well as their bad behaviour – camping on farm land without asking the permission of the farmer; defecating on cultivated

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Shakespeare in Sarajevo

Theatrical and Cinematic Encounters with the Balkans War

Sara Soncini

Shakespearean king on the blasted heath, Ian is reduced to a ‘poor, bare, forked animal’ ( King Lear , 3.4.105–6) in a prolonged sequence of mostly mute vignettes where he is shown masturbating, defecating, strangling himself, crying ‘ huge bloody tears

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“Four Guys and a Hole in the Floor”

Racial Politics of Mobility and Excretion among BC-Based Long Haul Truckers

Amie McLean

work out of a single rig, a rig that has been altered to allow them to urinate and defecate through the floor onto “the open road.” Often the situation is discovered because of a rig-involved collision, for which the South Asian drivers are presumably

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Urban tourism via dispossession of oeuvres

Labor as a common denominator

Marc Morell

to defecate in your neighborhood, madame?’ Empire, redemption, and the ‘tradition of the oppressed’ in a Brazilian World Heritage Site ”. Cultural Anthropology 23 ( 2 ): 279 – 328 . 10.1111/j.1548-1360.2008.00010.x De Angelis , Massimo . 2013

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Christopher Howard and Wendelin Küpers

rational, calculative control and creation, we lose the orientation by which we discover the need to wrestle with our nature of being both “spirit” and transcendence, and also a finite, eating, defecating, and decaying body. The world will come to reveal

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Looking Awry at Georgian Caricature

Lacan and the Satirists

David Morgan

his ‘trick’ on the slumbering figure of a schoolboy version of John Bull, sleeping oblivious below. The ‘trick’ in question is scatological: the schoolboy ‘Pitt’ has his breeches down and is defecating upon the recumbent figure of John Bull. Figure

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Hollis Moore

Resuscitation and Commodification of Community Origins in Neoliberal Brazil ’. Critique of Anthropology 28 ( 2 ): 237 – 255 . doi: 10.1177/0308275X08090546 . 10.1177/0308275X08090546 Collins , J. F. 2008b . ‘ “But What If I Should Need to Defecate in

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Pleasure and Dementia

On Becoming an Appreciating Subject

Annelieke Driessen

defecating. And then she says that: ‘poo, all poo, poo’. … And then it is really difficult to distract her. As long as Ms Robijn felt that she was on the toilet, to her the bath was ‘infected’. For very good reasons, she could not make herself available to