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‘At the Mercy of the German Eagle’

Images of London in Dissolution in the Novels of William Le Queux

Antony Taylor

the degeneracy of urban society places him in the company of numerous social commentators and writers fixated on the supposed decadence of urban living, particularly in the capital. Le Queux's novels were an expression of a more generalised concern

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Birthed from the Clinic

The Degenerate Medical Students of Edward Berdoe's St. Bernard's

Lorenzo Servitje

This article reveals how Edward Berdoe's St. Bernard's: The Romance of a Medical Student (1887) critiques the evolution of medical science at the fin de siècle. Berdoe deploys the discourse of degeneracy to challenge the culture of medical education that produces monstrous medical students. St. Bernard's reflects not only the ambiguity towards scientific materialism and knowledge, which entails learning how to prolong life by encountering death, but also critiques the foundations of late Victorian medical education by articulating how the middle class was complicit in the horrors that the novel would expose, ultimately suggesting that middle-class health was built on the bodies of the poor. The text's ethical imperative to reform the medical establishment, however, derives its rhetorical power from provoking anxieties of corrupting middle-class health with working-class and pauper bodies. This reveals the novel's problematic use of degeneracy, as St. Bernard's reinscribes some of the very tenets about class that it aims to critique.

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Temperamental Differences

The Shifting Political Implications of Cousin Marriage in Nineteenth-Century America

Susan McKinnon

positive motivation for cousin (or ‘in-and-in’) marriage—as a source of disease and degeneracy deemed to be characteristic not only of European royalty and their American avatars, but also of those isolated and impoverished populations left behind in the

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The American Eugenics Record Office

Technologies for Terminating ‘Degenerate’ Family Lines and Purifying the Nation

Susan McKinnon

signs of degeneracy or normalcy (which could be counted after the fact), the fieldwork was anything but rigorous. The women fieldworkers were especially valued for their ‘intuition’ and their ability to rapidly assess a person's qualities and

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Whitney Walton

and their influence over men and in French history. Underlying much of her journalistic and historical analyses were modern scientific notions of heredity and degeneracy that occasionally buttressed her arguments about feminisms and women's conditions

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Companions and Villains

Reading about Boys in Early Twentieth-Century Girl Scout and Camp Fire Girl Series Fiction

Jennifer Helgren

. Rural imagery could simultaneously invoke positive images of fresh restorative country air (hence the numerous scouts who took vacations to the country) and solid American values of hard work and honesty, or it could signal backwardness and degeneracy

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Radical Reactionary

The Politics of William Le Queux

Harry Wood

's Efficiency and Empire (1901). 46 Although the Physical Deterioration Committee identified poverty as the primary factor, the fear of degeneracy remained a staple part of alarmist vocabulary during the Edwardian period. Much of Le Queux's fiction is

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David Dee

newspaper and political allegations, of Jewish immigrant physical ‘degeneracy’, ‘aloofness’ and ‘backwardness’, with immigrant life and mores deemed incompatible with and unsuitable for British culture. 9 Soon, the attention of the Jewish elites focused on

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Fredrik Nyman, Roberta Zavoretti, Linda Rabben, and David M. R. Orr

moral panic resulted at the prospect that the tourists that Cusco had long sought were now bringing degeneracy rather than the expected modernity, but ironically, when travel advisory warnings were issued against Peru in the 1980s, the previously

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Constructing Film Emotions

The Theory of Constructed Emotion as a Biocultural Framework for Cognitive Film Theory

Timothy Justus

extensive discussion ). Instead, Barrett invokes the concept of neural degeneracy , a notion that bears a resemblance to multiple realizability (e.g., Putnam 1979 ). On such accounts, there is a many-to-one (or many-to-many) relationship between brain