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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

would reduce production and GHG emissions and increase social well-being have already been identified and are increasingly being promoted. The strategies we discuss here are endorsed by “degrowthers.” “Degrowth” refers to a “socially sustainable and

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Addressing the Irrational Drivers of the Climate Crisis

Surplus Repression and Destructive Production

Diana Stuart, Brian Petersen, and Ryan Gunderson

. 2022 ; Haberl et al. 2020 ; Mardani et al. 2019) . Economic “degrowth” has been proposed as a way to reduce aggregate energy and material use in wealthy countries, reduce environmental harm, and increase overall global well-being (e.g., Hickel 2021

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Scaling Back and Fitting In

Envisioning the Futures of Environmental Cultures

Christian Diehm

Devall, Bill. 2020. Living Deep Ecology: A Bioregional Journey. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Kallis, Giorgos, Susan Paulson, Giacomo D'Alisa, and Federico Demaria. 2020. The Case for Degrowth. Medford: Polity. In an era of climate

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Book Reviews

Natalie Bump Vena, Paige Dawson, Thomas De Pree, Sarah Hitchner, George Holmes, Sudarshan R Kottai, Daniel J Murphy, Susan Paulson, Victoria C. Ramenzoni, and Kathleen Smythe

targeted and dismantled as a threat to the state and a hindrance to the march of modernity deserve more. Daniel J Murphy University of Cincinnati Liegey, Vincent, and Anitra Nelson. 2020. Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide . London: Pluto

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Whose death, whose eco-revival?

Filling in while emptying out the depopulated Balkan Mountains

Ivan Rajković

hydropower—a green “transition” that has echoed many preceding ones. But for the popular “river guardian” movement I describe here, a decrease in emission levels seemed less urgent than an actual degrowth that plagued their depopulating lands. Gathering

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Narratives of Socioecological Transition

The Case of the Transition Network in Portugal

Vera Ferreira and António Carvalho

and expansion of new commons, and deeply subversive of established political and economic orders” ( 2017: 179–180 ). The political proposal of the TN is entwined with current calls for degrowth, “a process of political and social transformation that

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Sustainability Metamorphosis

An Inconvenient Change

Erland Mårald and Janina Priebe

unpredictable metamorphosis. A Sustainability Metamorphosis? In a critique gaining strength in recent years, multidisciplinary environmental scholars have revived the concept of metamorphosis within degrowth literature to highlight the profound change

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

-concetto-ambiguo . Accessed July 25 , 2018 . Asara , Viviana , Emanuele Profumi , and Giorgos Kallis . 2013 . “ Degrowth, Democracy and Autonomy .” Environmental Values 22 : 217 – 239 . 10.3197/096327113X13581561725239 Barns , Ian . 1995 . “ Environment

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Navigating Crises of Scale in the Anthropocene

A Note to Engaged Anthropologists

Gauri Pathak and Mark Nichter

of the problem by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and activists calling for radical change in step with a ‘degrowth’ movement ( Hickel 2021 ) to which we were sympathetic in principle? Such double-binds and self-doubts confounded us. They also

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Between loss and opportunity

The fate of place after postsocialism

Dace Dzenovska, Volodymyr Artiukh, and Dominic Martin

highlighted by Rajković who co-opts Ramachandra Guha and Juan Martinez-Alier's (1997) concept of the “environmentalism of the poor” to fashion a definition of the meager leftovers of the aftermath of socialist development. What he terms “total de-growth