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Staging Democracy

The Aganaktismenoi of Greece and the Squares Movement(s)

George Sotiropoulos

confrontation between two different conceptions of democracy: a “formal-representative” conception, found wanting, and a “substantial-participatory” conception, posited as remedy. This confrontation is hardly new, since it can be found in one way or another in

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Common Democracy

Political Representation beyond Representative Democracy

Alexandros Kioupkiolis

The paradox of a deep malaise of liberal democracy at the time of its globalization has been a leitmotif of much political thinking since the late 1990s (see, e.g., Crouch 2004 ; Stoker 2006 ). Representation, “the foundational idea of modern

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Times of Democracy

The Unavoidable Democracy of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Denmark

Anne Engelst Nørgaard

's flag and victory is already won in the sense that everywhere, this spirit is sensed as a force that both claims victory and has the means to triumph. This mighty spirit is the spirit of Democracy.” — Folket , 6 November 1848 During the revolutions

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

This critical commentary discusses Stephan Lessenich's recent contribution to the 2019 German book, What's Wrong with Democracy? A Debate with Klaus Dörre, Nancy Fraser, Stephan Lessenich and Hartmut Rosa, edited by H. Ketterer and K. Becker

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Samuel Moyn and Jean-Paul Gagnon

Jean-Paul Gagnon: How do you define democracy? Samuel Moyn: You are starting with an almost impossible question! The kind of experiential approach I support to the history of democracy would have to start with the plurality of understandings

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Democracy in a Global Emergency

Five Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge for contemporary democracies around the globe. It has led to the closure and transformation of parliaments and enabled governments to rule by decree. It has curtailed citizens’ fundamental

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Deliberative Democracy

Taking Stock and Looking Ahead - Selen A. Ercan with André Bächtiger

Selen A. Ercan and André Bächtiger

Deliberative democracy is a growing branch of democratic theory. It suggests understanding and assessing democracy in terms of the quality of communication among citizens, politicians, as well as between citizens and politicians. In this interview, drawing on his extensive research on deliberative practice within and beyond parliaments, André Bächtiger reflects on the development of the field over the last two decades, the relationship between normative theory and empirical research, and the prospects for practicing deliberation in populist times.

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William R. Caspary

Jeff Jackson, in this journal, calls for the revival of participatory democracy within democratic theory ( Jackson 2015 ). Using the works of John Dewey, he places political struggle—the sort that addresses severe systemic wealth and power

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Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen

Introduction Democracy, understood as electoral democracy based on representation, was not at its strongest when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The Freedom House organization, which has monitored global democracy for decades, reported in 2020 that

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Marcos S. Scauso, Garrett FitzGerald, Arlene B. Tickner, Navnita Chadha Behera, Chengxin Pan, Chih-yu Shih, and Kosuke Shimizu

. Higher mortality rates among racial and ethnic minorities, indigenous communities, the poor, and the elderly, have exposed the deeply embedded and intersectional nature of inequality among many of the world's oldest democracies. Indeed, the pandemic has