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Fusion and Reform

The Potential for Identity Fusion to Reduce Recidivism and Improve Reintegration

Harvey Whitehouse and Robin Fitzgerald

will be re-arrested within three years in the United States ( Durose et al. 2014 ). Those working from within the more recent desistance paradigm have produced a series of arguments that the singular focus on ‘what works’ misses important questions

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Shifting Paradigms

British Travellers in Serbia during the First World War

Andrew Hammond

In the autumn of 1851, Edward Lear set off from a temporary residence in Istanbul for a painting tour of Ottoman-held Albania and Macedonia, armed with a sheaf of travel permits and letters of introduction to Ottoman governors. The precautionary letters were essential, for despite his dedicated pursuit of the picturesque Lear understood Albania to be not just ‘a puzzle of the highest order’ but a place of ‘savage oddity’ renowned ‘for the ferocity of the aborigines’ (Lear 1988: 11, 51, 31). His worst fears seem realised as soon as his boat lands at Thessaloniki. ‘Instantly the wildest confusion seized all’, he writes, as a crowd of porters fight over his luggage with ‘the most furious hair-pulling, turbanclenching, and robe-tearing’, only desisting when government troops give them a ‘severe beating [with] sticks and whips’ (1988: 20). The images of chaos and violence mount as Lear travels from the coast into Albanian regions, where the imputedly wretched towns, infested lodgings, thievery and hostility test the patience of this most good-natured of Englishmen. Indeed, at one point, when his attempts to sketch the indigenes result in his being pelted with ‘unceasing showers of stones, sticks, and mud’, he goes so far as to consider them his ‘enemies’ (1988: 47). The landscape may have delighted the artist, and driven him onward in his journey, but he is filled with dread at the thought of actually inhabiting this ‘strange and fearful’ region (1988: 145).

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‘Go out and learn’

Shakespeare, Bildung and the Jewish Youth Movement in Germany between Integration and Jewish Self-Identification

Rosa Reicher

youth movement in an open letter to Siegfried Bernfeld, editor of the journal Jerubbaal . Here he warned young Jews to desist from ‘intoxication through experiences’, [Rausch der Erlebnisse] . Zionist life should be ‘silence, hard work and insight

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Lockdown and the Global Disruption of Intimacies with Routine, Clock Time, and the Intensification of Time-Space Compression

Rebecca Irons

key feature of quarantine is that individuals have been unable to leave their houses at all. There has been a global government-mandated order to desist from any movement through space. Now, this may not be the case for absolutely every person, if we

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David Nicol

, a dull Wretch turned from mercenary to author. Why wouldst thou give an ear to such a man? As thou art my wife, desist: let Smith begone. REBECCA I speak not as thy wife but as ambassadress Of my dear father’s empire. This man was Once Powhatan

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Albert H. Friedlander

An American Appreciation

Amy-Jill Levine

that needs to be done; it may not be completed until the Messiah comes (or, for my Christian friends, comes back), but we are not free to desist from it. May the memory of his works be preserved. More, may his concerns, for Jewish identity, for the

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Recovered enterprises from the South to the North

Reclaiming labor, conflict, and mutualism in Italy

Giovanni Orlando

, this pitted workers and ex-workers against each other. As one of the latter said: “We had to desist; otherwise, there would have been blood in front of the gates.” It was therefore only after the plant had been emptied that a dozen among the ex

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Rematerializing Martyrs and the Missing Soldiers of the Iran-Iraq War

Sana Chavoshian

of vision.” 9 Then, in a rapid change of mood that I noticed in the words stuttering between her teeth, she revealed that one day the state authorities had told Sayyida Polarak to desist from any ritual practice related to her saintly vision and the

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The ‘Frame’ at Adab

American Archaeological Misbehaviour in Late Ottoman Iraq (1899–1905)

Jameel Haque

On 27 September 1904, Haidar Bey, a representative of the Ottoman Imperial Museum, handed a cease and desist order to the University of Chicago's archaeological expedition at the ancient Mesopotamian city of Adab (Bismaya in modern Iraq). This

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Religious Tourism

Analytical Routes through Multiple Meanings

Emerson Giumbelli

Translator : Jeffrey Hoff

with regard to destinations, technologies of travel, and motivations, we are tempted to desist from producing distinctions. On the other hand, it is easy to find how these categories—religion and tourism—are part of the discourses of agents who