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Digital Activism, Physical Activism

Malta’s Front Harsien ODZ

Michael Briguglio


This article analyzes the interaction between the digital (online) and physical (offline) activism of Front Harsien ODZ, a Maltese environmental movement organization. It looks into how Front activists perceive these forms of activism and verifies how important each form is to the organization. Consequently, the research presented herein is operationalized through interviews with Front activists and through participant observation from an insider’s point of view. This article concludes that activists within Front Harsien ODZ feel that they are part of a social network. The organization’s recruitment, mobilization and activism techniques are at once digital and physical. Most Front activists were already part of preexisting social networks before joining the Front, and the new Front network made good use of Malta’s political opportunity structures, including the Zonqor controversy; Malta’s small size; and the country’s vibrant media landscape.

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“Stumbling Upon Feminism”

Teenage Girls’ Forays into Digital and School-Based Feminisms

Crystal Kim and Jessica Ringrose

of justice ( Retallack et al. 2016 ). Digital activism is embedded within what Nelly Stromquist calls a “microstructure of power” that diverges from notions of political power that neglect “to admit that power transactions occur at all levels of

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Laurel Hart, Pamela Lamb and Joshua Cader


Effectively engaging with technologies of nonviolence for girls and young women requires attention to systemic, symbolic, and everyday forms of violence online and offline, as well as to how power is broadly manifest. We draw from three different interdisciplinary perspectives and critical reflections to consider networked technologies and online communities in relation to nonviolence. We explore mentorship and subversive education through Neal Stephenson’s 1995 novel, The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, identity politics on Facebook in a reflective study of digital citizenship for queer girl visibility, and online grassroots community solutions in considering the social potential of online forums and solutions for online harassment. Our varied perspectives encounter contradictions, such as the need for access to and protection from diverse online communities, as a necessary consideration for developing policy and creating networked and community-based technologies of nonviolence. We conclude with five recommendations in a call to action.

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Benjamin Abrams and Giovanni A. Travaglino

counterprotests, to advocate for a Burkean “comic frame,” which might resolve these issues. The third article in this issue considers the intersection and interactions between social movements’ online and offline activism. Michael Briguglio’s “Digital Activism

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

processes by which they are created build networks of resilience that far out lives the relevant content. The examples of trans women of color’s digital activism and the Brown Boi health guide demonstrate the power of digital media to redefine

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Mirjam de Bruijn

. “ An Engaged Chadian Artist’s Digital Itinerary Towards Political and Civic Success: Pitfalls of Oppression .” In Digital Activism in the Social Media Era: Critical Reflections on Emerging Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa , ed. Bruce Mutsvairo , 141

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Knitted Naked Suits and Shedding Skins

The Body Politics of Popfeminist Musical Performances in the Twenty-first Century

Maria Stehle

(see note 4), 56–57. 8 Hester Baer, “Redoing Feminism: Digital Activism, Body Politics, and Neoliberalism,” Feminist Media Studies 16, no. 1 (2016): 19. 9 Alison Phipps, The Politics of the Body: Gender in a Neoliberal and Neoconservative Age