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On Intentionality and Motivation in Digital Spaces

A Response to Flinders and Wood

Max Halupka

Wood and Flinders posit that intentionality and motivation are critical sites of analysis when determining whether an act is, or should be made out to be, political or apolitical. I agree with this assertion—both the intention behind an actor’s act, for example, what motivates the action, must be taken into consideration before such classifications are made. Yet, intentionality and motivation are more complicated and problematic than the authors make them out to be—especially online.

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Between the Social and the Political

The Role of the Proto-Political Sphere in Political Participation

Pia Rowe and David Marsh

While Wood and Flinders’ work to broaden the scope of what counts as “politics” in political science is a needed adjustment to conventional theory, it skirts an important relationship between society, the protopolitical sphere, and arena politics. We contend, in particular, that the language of everyday people articulates tensions in society, that such tensions are particularly observable online, and that this language can constitute the beginning of political action. Language can be protopolitical and should, therefore, be included in the authors’ revised theory of what counts as political participation.

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Benjamin Abrams and Giovanni A. Travaglino

happen on a local scale. In “Digital Natives: Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape, Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy,” Patrick Readshaw examines the political engagement of those who live much of their lives online

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Kai Syng Tan

discourses of mobility. The running-centered works are, in turn, part of a portfolio covering twenty years that explores the body and mind in motion as a sight and site of autonomy across terrains urban, historical, digital, political, and imaginary. Modes of

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Inside the global teaching machine

MOOCs, academic labour and the future of the university

Michael A. Peters

more global system with the possibility of multi-institutional and multi-credit qualifications. MOOCs are only one aspect of a larger emerging digital political economy of higher education including ‘big data’ and learning analytics, the proliferation

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“Stumbling Upon Feminism”

Teenage Girls’ Forays into Digital and School-Based Feminisms

Crystal Kim and Jessica Ringrose

Sowards and Renegar (2006) detail. Additionally, Retallack et al. write that, despite the ostensible neoliberalized depoliticization of contemporary society, through digital politics “a renewed and collectivized feminism has re-entered political and civic

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Digital Natives

Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape and Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy

Patrick Readshaw

engagement with the political sphere and the media on their own terms, highlighting their own worldviews. These sense-making practices are integral to understanding what the digital political landscape is like for these people. The findings promote a positive