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Decolonizing Development in Diné Bikeyah

Resource Extraction, Anti-Capitalism, and Relational Futures

Melanie K. Yazzie

Development, Decolonization, and National Liberation With this article, I hope to make a significant contribution both to the traditions of Diné resistance that seek to carry Diné life into the future and to the careful scholarly work that has been

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Ed Tan

Skip Dine Young, Psychology at the Movies

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Hospitality as Diplomacy in Post-Cosmopolitan Urban Spaces

Dervish Lodges and Sofra-Diplomacy in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina

David Henig

’s argument about the need to trace the processes whereby social places are turned into diplomatic sites. Focusing on the practices of dining and hospitality as a form of re-scaling diplomatic encounters beyond the state-level, this paper is situated in a

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Barry Cole, John Greening, and Richard Kell

After Dining Out In May On Being Diagnosed BARRY COLE

Two Poems From Iceland Requiem JOHN GREENING

The Progress Of Life The Progress Of Art RICHARD KELL

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Páraic Frost and Mark Frost

On 4 June 1869, a year after dining merrily with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Charles Eliot Norton in Paris, John Ruskin records the following in his diary:

VERONA. – As I was drawing in the square this morning in a lovely, quiet Italian light, there came up the poet Longfellow with his little daughter, a girl of twelve or thirteen, with springy-curled flaxen hair – curls or waves, that wouldn’t come out in damp, I mean. They stayed talking beside me some time. I don’t think it was a very vain thought that came over me, that if a photograph could have been taken of the beautiful square of Verona, in that soft light, with Longfellow and his daughter talking to me at my work, some people in England and America would have liked copies of it.

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Art to Table

The Power of Aesthetics in Women’s Cookbooks of the Belle Époque

Samantha Presnal

the seasoned chef with deluxe equipment and experience at his disposal, these manuals claimed to cater to the constraints of the private kitchen and proffered modified dishes, stripped of the theatricality associated with restaurant dining. By

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Danger, Moral Opacity, and Outrage

Fear of Jihadism and the Terrorist Threat in Southern Mali

Tone Sommerfelt

religious organizations, the Ançar Dine International; an imam I refer to as Imam Bah (a pseudonym); and Abdou (a pseudonym), a retired civil servant, who was seeking to organize politicians and public servants against what he described as dangerous Wahhabi

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Henry Dyson

invitations to dine in other colleges at the university and to speak in their chapels and societies too. He and Jim became well known in pubs and cafes in the city, making friends with many old Durhamers, mainly retired miners, and happily learning about their

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Indigenous Resurgence, Decolonization, and Movements for Environmental Justice

Jaskiran Dhillon

but among all relations. Next, in “Decolonizing Development in Diné Bikeyah: Resource Extraction, Anti-capitalism, and Relational Futures,” Melanie Yazzie employs an Indigenous feminist perspective to take us to the homelands of the Navajo Nation

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Koen Stroeken

his father’s history prepared him for—a distrust of authority and racial ideology. Most compelling is the materiality of a black-and-white photograph of three women. Forgotten on a table in the dining room, the picture mesmerizes due to the penetrating