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Social Lives and Symbolic Capital

Indigenous ‘Oil Lawsuits’ as Sites of Order and Disorder Making

Veronica Davidov

and imaginaries they challenge, and their potential for ordering and disordering social fabrics outside or beyond the legal arena. This article takes as its case studies two lawsuits brought by indigenous communities in a dispute involving oil

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Daniel Lewis

up directly after lying down, and going out, and coming home tired at sunrise” (1876: 348). Dickens's explorations of sleep, dreaming, and sleep disorders in “Night Walks” illustrate a complicated negotiation between hegemonic ideals 1 of masculinity

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Derek Hook

There can be little doubt that discourse analysis has come to represent something of a ‘growth industry’ in the critical social sciences. Indeed, there has been, together with a proliferation of the various models of the process of discourse analysis (cf. Bannister 1995; Fairclough 1995; Parker 1992; Potter & Wetherell 1987) a veritable explosion of discursive analytic work. This almost unfettered expansion of discursive analytic work has led almost inevitably to a variety of misapplications of the work of Michel Foucault, whose name is often attached, almost as matter of course, to varieties of discourse analysis.

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Ordure and Disorder

The Case of Basra and the Anthropology of Excrement

Hayder Al-Mohammad

In this article I demonstrate that issues surrounding excrement in Iraq intersect sites where power and order, the state and its absence, and everyday moral order and its erasure become painfully evident. In the first piece of ethnography, I recount daily walks taken with an informant through the war-torn streets of Basra (Iraq), where in some places human excrement fills the streets. The second part of the article pursues the same theme in the context of a prison, where the lack of toilet facilities becomes a physical and symbolic means of torture.

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'Seeing’ Papua New Guinea

Making Order and Disorder through a Petroleum Project

Steffen Dalsgaard

This article contributes to debates about how capitalist corporations ‘see’, and how they concurrently relate to the places where they are located. It argues that an analytical focus on ‘seeing’ illuminates how internal organization and outward relation making are tied together in complex ways. Even so, corporations of the extractive industries in particular cannot be assumed to encompass a single coherent view. The empirical case is a critical examination of how a gas project employed strict health, safety, and security measures to generate order when encountering alterity in an unfamiliar environment in Papua New Guinea. It reveals how the project was organized around two conflicting ways of seeing its host country—trying to separate itself from it while simultaneously having to engage and provide benefits for it.

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Dan Smith

and as possible futures. Plender also shares with Judd and Coates an interest in undermining cognitive expectations. This is a move towards disordering the audience’s readings of history and the present. With regard to faith and belief, these artists

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Sandbags, Strikes, and Scandals

Public Disorder and Problematic Policing in Occupied Roubaix during World War I

James E. Connolly

details, the disturbances of 30 April marked the beginning of a period of strikes and public disorder that lasted until July 1915. The events also raise important questions comprising the starting point of this article: To what extent did workers strike

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Being a Responsible Violent Girl?

Exploring Female Violence, Self-management, and ADHD

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist and Linda Arnell

limited for some bodies but available to others. ADHD is among the most common cause among boys and girls to seek psychiatric help ( Kopp and Gillberg 2003 ). ADHD, though, is commonly understood as a hidden disorder in girls and women and is therefore

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A State of Force

The Repressive Policing of Contention in Queensland under Frederic Urquhart

Paul Bleakley

’s contribution because his influence on shaping police policy was not limited to singular incidences of civil disorder, and it can be presumed that his experiences battling the Indigenous population on Queensland’s frontier inevitably informed his perspective in

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Tareq Zuhair

disturbing feelings. Neurosis has become a prime psychological disorder in the twenty-first century. The Freudian interpretation of this psychological reaction and how it influenced the lives of people across centuries has generated a heated discussion among