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The Domination of the Kurds

Jason Dockstader and Rojîn Mûkrîyan

Kinds of Domination Domination has something to do with uncontrolled, unlimited, impositional, unconstrained, or unrestrained power. It is a phenomenon most often characterised by overwhelming force, an intensity of strength that can express

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The Nemesis of the Suburbs

Richard Turner and South African Liberalism

Steven Friedman

– economic exploitation. A democracy in which all enjoyed equal rights was essential but so too was an end to the domination of those who lacked resources by those who owned them ( Turner 1980: 86 ). He advocated worker control of industry and an end to

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Liberty through Political Representation and Rights Recognition

Christopher J. Allsobrook

hindrance) and the republican one (to be free is to live in a free state, without domination). Hamilton argues that neither of these approaches adequately account for freedom’s relationship with power, a structure of relations and techniques of social

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Contemporary “Structures” of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

. As such, racism is an ideology, a system of beliefs, norms, and values that establishes, and/or reinforces structures and methods of oppression and domination that become ossified in the practico-inert, often reproducing racial hierarchy without

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Rethinking Power in Turkey through Everyday Practices

Élise Massicard

In an increasingly authoritarian Turkish context that precludes any serious chance of making tangible political gains, challenging common conception of ‘the political’ may expand our understanding of power dynamics. Attempting to track power relations outside the most official, legitimate, conventional and formalised forms of politics provides alternative and sharper insights into how the political is being reframed and how actors retain, uphold, perpetuate or transform their capacity for agency. In an interdisciplinary perspective, but drawing mainly on anthropological literature and methodology, the issue addresses four questions – both empirically in the Turkish case and more conceptually: politicisation, visibility, social stratification and domination.

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Violences symboliques et discriminations raciales dans l'empire français

Olivier Le Cour Grandmaison

Le présent article se propose d'étudier, le "principe" du régime, au sens montesquivien du terme, établi dans les territoires d'outre-mer de la Troisième République en s'intéressant aux passions et aux agissements des colons et des "indigènes" afin de mieux comprendre comment une minorité blanche parvient, en plus des prérogatives exorbitantes confiées au détenteur du pouvoir, à s'imposer jour après jour en donnant d'ellemême une image de toute-puissance. Pour analyser les ressorts de cette situation, il faut chercher à atteindre la quotidienneté et l'intimité des rapports de domination imposés par les Français grâce l'instauration de nombreuses règles écrites et non-écrites qui régissent la vie des autochtones. Langue particulière, violences symboliques et discriminations raciales multiples; telles sont les principaux éléments qui contribuent à la pérennité de l'ordre colonial.

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Reform, Transformation, Emancipation

Conceptualizing Political Protest in Modern Democracies

Christian Volk

, it is the central mechanism of domination, against which acts of resistance should be read as politicizations of the current historical realization of democracy. While they involve a contestation of the predominant interpretation and implementation

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The crazy curse and crude domination

Toward an anthropology of oil

Stephen Reyna and Andrea Behrends

Oil has turned out to be something of a curse. Most developing petrostates have found that their economies have worsened, their political regimes have become more authoritarian, and their conflicts have intensified. Further, this curse is a bit crazy because oil brings wealth, which would seem to bring peace and prosperity, not the trouble that so often accompanies it. The goal of this introduction is to propose a research strategy for the anthropological analysis of oil. It does so by examining existing oil literatures, discussing the implications for research arising from the articles contained here, and, finally, formulating an anthropology of oil in a turbulent world. This formulation proposes a 'crude domination' approach to explain oil's crazy curse.

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“The Master Plan is a Master Killer”:

Land dispossession and powerful resistance in Oromia, Ethiopia

Gutu Olana Wayessa

discuss the implications of colonialism in the making of contemporary world, we need to consider those of internal dominations as well. Ethiopia's contested history of “colonial” expansion and state building is also reflected in the formation and

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Simulation, Fetishism and World Domination

Using Baudrillard to Analyse American Discourse

Charles Campbell


According to Jean Baudrillard, in a totally functional world people become irrational and subjective, given to projecting their fantasies of power into the efficiency of the system, a state of ‘spectacular alienation’. I argue that Americans as a society have accommodated themselves to such a system to the detriment of their ability to make sense in their public discourse. Baudrillard finds pathology in the system of objects as it determines social relations. In one symptom, people may obsess over a fetish object. For American society, the magical mechanical object is the gun. I show evidence for this weapons fetish in American fiction, cinema, television and serious journalism. Then, using Baudrillard and other analysts, I show how the American obsession with the superior functionality of weapons joins its myth of exceptionality and preference for simulation over reality to create a profound American dream state that protects a very deep sleep.