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Erasmus Masitera

There has been much debate on the question of rights in African communitarian thinking. Some scholars have averred that duties are prior to rights in African communitarian society, and that to prioritise rights is foreign to the non-Western perspective. Yet, there are others who argue that in non-Western societies rights are prior to duties. I share this view. I present my position by arguing that economic rights in African communitarianism affirms autonomy of the individual, though the same rights are expressed through the ideas of consensus and human well-being. In my argument I state that human well-being is well expressed as a communal effort climaxed through consensus where all these are premised on individual autonomy. By arguing in this way, I respond to the accusation that says African philosophers who argue for the priority of rights have failed to demonstrate how rights are considered prior to duties in African societies.

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Chiara Bonfiglioli

authority. International Women's Year repeatedly notes that the alleged dichotomy between the demands for sexual rights of the Western feminist agenda and the demands for social and economic rights advocated by state socialist and postcolonial women

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Cultivating Civic Ecology

A Photovoice Study with Urban Gardeners in Lisbon, Portugal

Krista Harper and Ana Isabel Afonso

frames for efforts to promote urban gardening: ecological sustainability, economic rights, healthy food and social cohesion ( FAO 2010 ). Urban gardens are an important arena for civic ecology, defined as ‘local environmental stewardship actions taken to

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Borderland of the Mind

The Free City of Danzig and the Sovereignty Question

Elizabeth M. Clark

administrative and economic rights of Poland and the sovereign rights of the Free City.” 4 While the Free City’s purpose was clear, vague language in documents defining the city’s legal identity allowed revisionist elements in Danzig to pursue a policy which

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Nancy S. Love, Sanford F. Schram, Anthony J. Langlois, Luis Cabrera, and Carol C. Gould

recognizes the importance of access to the conditions for agency (22). These conditions include economic rights, such as the right to work; social rights, such as care, welfare, and education; and political rights, such as the inclusion of all who are

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A Woman Politician in the Cold War Balkans

From Biography to History

Krassimira Daskalova

major priorities of the Federation: the struggle for “peace and democracy”; the struggle for women’s economic rights—“equal pay for equal work”; for women’s admission to all professions; for gender equality in the whole social, political, economic, and

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Elif Mahir Metinsoy

. However, they also did not hesitate to use the dominant discourse of the state as a strategy for demanding their social and economic rights. Existing Historiography on Ordinary Ottoman Women’s World War I Experience The literature on ordinary Ottoman women

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Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

effort for national reconciliation is visualized, but minor fighting persists in some states. Although the citizenship of minority ethnic groups is recognized in theory, the recovery of social and economic rights lag far behind the legal and political

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Dudziro Nhengu

, there are still glaring gaps and barriers between the mere normative provisions of the ICESCR and the way in which states globally implement policy into practice in relation to migrants’ access to their full social and economic rights. Access to the

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Contesting the Social Contract

Tax Reform and Economic Governance in Istria, Croatia

Robin Smith

, participation in European integration, the development of governance institutions, and local economic values. Business owners framed their rejection of fiskalizacija in terms of economic rights and governance obligations, pointing to the behavior of fiscal