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Democracy in the Plural?

The Concepts of Democracy in Swedish Parliamentary Debates during the Interwar Years

Anna Friberg

The article explores some of the composite concepts of democracy that were used in Sweden, primarily by the Social Democrats during the interwar years. Should these be seen as pluralizations of the collective singular democracy or as something qualitatively new? By showing how these concepts relate to each other and to democracy as a whole, the article argues that they should be considered statements about democracy as one entity, that democracy did not only concern the political sphere, but was generally important throughout the whole of society. The article also examines the Swedish parliamentarians' attitudes toward democracy after the realization of universal suffrage, and argues that democracy was eventually perceived as such a positive concept that opponents of what was labeled democratic reforms had to reformulate the political issues into different words in order to avoid coming across as undemocratic.

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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

because they would address the structural drivers that require increases in production and consumption. Below we briefly examine (1) economic democracy, (2) work time reduction (WTR), and (3) advertising regulations as pathways to counter the ideology of

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Neoliberalism, the Left and the Rise of the Far Right

On the Political and Ideological Implications of Capitalism's Subordination of Democracy

Costas Panayotakis

Future of European Social Democracy: Building the Good Society, ed. Henning Meyer and Johnathan Rutherford , 198 – 208 . London : Palgrave Macmillan . Dahl , Robert A. 1985 . A Preface to Economic Democracy . Berkeley and Los Angeles

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Parallel Lives

Remembering the PCF and the CGT

George Ross

French, it was a credible, if flawed, effort at greater economic democracy (Herzog, 53). After de Gaulle resigned in 1969, perhaps the most important result of the May events, Herzog sees a transition from this Gaullist approach to national planning

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Ali Aslam, David McIvor, and Joel Alden Schlosser

.1017/9781108667357 Levitsky , Steven , and Daniel Ziblatt . 2018 . How Democracies Die . New York : Crown Publishing . Malleson , Thomas. 2014 . After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21 st Century . Oxford : Oxford University Press . 10.1093/acprof

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Against Analogy

Why Analogical Arguments in Support of Workplace Democracy Must Necessarily Fail

Roberto Frega

0003055412000536 Dahl , Robert . 1986 . A preface to economic democracy . Los Angeles : University of California Press . Dahl , Robert . 1989 . Democracy and its Critics . New Haven : Yale University Press . Dewey , John . 1927 . The Public and

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Peter M. Haswell

strategies like economic democracy, work time reduction, advertising regulations, and universal basic income. Systemic social, legal, or economic strategies are necessary, but reform could still be driven by individuals. Motivated by environmental concerns, a

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Wiping away the Tears of the Ocean


Mogobe Ramose

industry for private profit alone. We welcome economic democracy as the only real democracy’ ( Shivji 2008: 241 ). In the sphere of epistemology, Africanness recognises that cross-cultural relations render it virtually impossible to have an unadulterated