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An anthropological contribution to rethinking the relationship between money, debt, and economic growth

Richard H. Robbins

concepts—money, debt, and economic growth—have been largely undertheorized by classical economists, which has consequently obscured, unintentionally or otherwise, vulnerabilities in our political economy and seriously distorted economic policy. To

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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

, who has become essential for sustaining high rates of production and economic growth. Raoul Martinez (2017) describes strategic decisions aimed to create worker-consumers. For example, following industrial disputes in 1919 and a surge in socialist

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For the Environment, Against Bureaucracy

Soft Values and the Work of Synchronization in Finnish Political Debate during the 1980s

Martin Pettersson

argue for and realize an existing economic policy of efficiency, national competitiveness, and economic growth in the new knowledge society. In the terminology of the Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe , soft values were a slogan ( Schlagwort ) that

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Convergencia y desarrollo en la Argentina urbana (2003–2016)

Fernando Antonio Ignacio González, Maria Emma Santos, and Silvia London

económico regional: El caso argentino . Cuadernos de Economía 32 ( 60 ), 437 – 466 . Brida , G. , Sanchez , E. , & Segarra , V. ( 2020 ). Clustering and regime dynamics for economic growth and income inequality . Structural Change and Economic

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Spatial scale of urban agglomeration externalities on the Rostov region in Russia

Anna Mikhaylova and Vasilisa Gorochnaya

development dynamics of different spatial zones of the region, both within and beyond the boundaries of an urban agglomeration. The hypothesis of the study is that spatial proximity to the agglomeration core favors economic growth with a gradual decrease with

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Political and Social Dimensions of Economic Growth

Johannes Fedderke

The definition of what precisely we mean by poverty is controversial. Yet empirical evidence establishes firmly that both the gap between the richest and the poorest countries in the world has been widening (as measured in terms of per capita GDP) since 1960, and that since independence a number of the very poorest countries in the world have experienced negative growth in per capita GDP. Regardless of whether one is concerned with relative or absolute conceptions of poverty, therefore, it is difficult to argue that poverty has not become a problem of greater urgency.

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National Environmental Policy Development for Sustainable Economic Growth in Developing Countries

A Case Study of Pakistan

Syed Shahbaz Hussain and Pirzada Sami Ullah Sabri

This article analyzes and explores what policies Pakistan adopted to tackle its environmental challenges, effects and outcomes. The research consists of an overview of Pakistan's national environmental policy development and explains the motives and reasons to understand in what context the state formulates these policies. It also makes assessments and evaluations about to what extent policies are successful in achieving their objectives. The study suggests some implications of the Pakistan experience to cope with the global challenges of environmental protection.

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Safeguarding the promise of integration

Regional leaders and coup deterrence

Gaspare M. Genna and Taeko Hiroi

arbitrary government actions. Stable domestic political conditions reduce uncertainty and facilitate economic transactions , thus stimulating economic growth. States can seek to supply political stability on their own; however, they can also do so through

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Claude Langlois's French Revolution

D.M.G. Sutherland

Claude Langlois's work on the French Revolution captures the experience of ordinary people in the country as a whole. Against an interpretation that sees the Revolution as resulting in a secular, modernized France, he emphasizes the ambiguity and uncertainties of the outcome. He is above all interested in assessing the impact of the Revolution on the Church. Although the Revolution had a profound impact on the personnel, landscape, finances, and politics of the Church, the Concordat created the conditions for recovery. There were restorations in pastoral care and practices but in addition, there were also ruptures, especially in the long term. Alongside a nineteenth century of unexpected piety, there were also regions and groups of low practice and indifference. The article also discusses Langlois's contributions to the political history of the coup of 1799, and to population studies.

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Financing the Climate

How the Process of Financialization Changes the Relationship between CO2 Emissions and GDP per Capita

Patrick Trent Greiner, Julius Alexander McGee, and Ethan P. Gibbons

(2012), for instance, explored the cross-national association between emissions and economic activity in the postwar period—ultimately finding that, despite significant evidence for the decoupling of emissions and economic growth, the two remain