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Education, Entertainment, and Indoctrination

Educational Film in Interwar China

Kaiyi Li

Educational film, like modern textbooks, was a foreign educational tool that was imported into China no earlier than the 1920s. Only after Alessandro Sardi, the educational film expert appointed by the League of Nations, visited China in 1931 did

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Eulalia Guzmán and Walt Disney’s Educational Films

A Pedagogical Proposal for “Literacy for the Americas” in Mexico (1942–1944)

María Rosa Gudiño Cejudo

Translator : Stephen Torgoff

aim was simply to unite the Allies in general. 4 An analysis of the Literacy for the Americas and Health for the Americas programs brings out the importance Rockefeller gave these issues, and in that light he chose Walt Disney educational films

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The German Colonies in Die Weltgeschichte als Kolonialgeschichte

The Use of Filmic Techniques in Colonial Revisionism in the 1920s

Michael Annegarn-Gläß

Translator : Katherine Ebisch-Burton

educational film. In the very early days of film’s emergence as a mass medium, shortly after the turn of the century, a debate around its supposed corrupting content and influence led to it being considered unsuitable for children; 3 it was not until after

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Educational Film Studies

A Burgeoning Field of Research

Anne Bruch

films and their use in teaching and the education sector. But although educational films constitute an important aspect of early cinema, this facet has been widely marginalized by film researchers and (educational) historians. For years, film studies and

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Meglio di ieri

Educational Films, National Identity and Citizenship in Italy from 1948 to 1968

Anne Bruch

is even more remarkable in light of the fact that in Italy, cinema is considered to be one of the central sites of memory and of national identity. 3 This extraordinary corpus of state-sponsored educational films offers not only a valuable resource

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Educational Films: A Historical Review of Media Innovation in Schools

Eckhardt Fuchs, Anne Bruch, and Michael Annegarn-Gläß

Translator : Nicola Watson

If you are bored to tears in the cinema, you are most likely watching an educational film. 1 Instructional media serve multiple functions in a school setting. They can disseminate knowledge and skills while also informing and stimulating discussion

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Film as the Engine for Learning

A Model to Assess Film's Interest Raising Potential

Winnifred Wijnker, Ed S. Tan, Arthur Bakker, Tamara A. J. M. van Gog, and Paul H. M. Drijvers

Bakker 2019 ; Dewey 1913 ). So, there are ample reasons to believe that film could be a valuable tool to raise interest in learning contexts. However, films intentionally produced for educational purposes (educational films) have been heavily

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Keith Jones

Polonius’ – will put Shakespeare into cartoon images ( The Lion King ); and finally the seventh kind (documentaries and educational films) will make a variety of pedagogical films that in turn may overlap with any of the permutations and combinations in the

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Yassaba’ or the Fear of Being Abandoned

Health Promotion Messages and Local Meanings in Guinea

Maria Cristina Manca

of people together and create a forum for discussion. The films showed what was happening inside the EMC and, rather than just being educational films about Ebola transmission, were meant to unmask rumours and misconceptions and stimulate debate

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

six editions within only one year, and Ross’s film footage was used to produce two educational films in 1931— Australien und Neuseeland and Voelkerschicksale produced by Felix Lampe for UFA’s Kulturfilm-Abteilung (see Nagl 2009: 365 ). Although it