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Ravi K. Raman

Through a case study of an anti-cola struggle in a south Indian village, this paper promotes the conceptual treatment of subaltern cosmopolitanism in the contemporary context of anticorporate social movements. In this situation the multiple issues raised by a local movement, such as livelihood, sustainability, and human rights, sensitize each of the new social agencies involved, within and outside the borders of the local state, and help forge a solidarity network across borders with their universally relevant concerns of environmental ethics and livelihood rights. It is further suggested that it is precisely the new politics of ecology and culture articulated by the subalterns that constructs an enduring and viable future for social movements.

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Olusegun Steven Samuel and Ademola Kazeem Fayemi

between humans and non-humans. For some critical accounts of such proposals, see Fayemi and Samuel (2014) ; Chemhuru (2016) ; and Nalwamba and Buitendag (2017) . 9 While it may not be Metz's intention to develop a holistic environmental ethics, the

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Sanne van der Hout and Martin Drenthen


Scientists need narrative structures, metaphors, and images to explain and legitimize research practices that are usually described in abstract and technical terms. Yet, sometimes they do not take proper account of the complexity and multilayered character of their narrative self-presentations. This also applies to the narratives of ecotechnology explored in this article: the treasure quest narrative used in the field of metagenomics, and the tutorial narrative proposed by the learning-from-nature movement biomimicry. Researchers from both fields tend to underestimate the general public’s understanding of the inherent ambivalence of the narratives suggested by them; the treasure quest and tutorial narratives build upon larger master narratives that can be found throughout our culture, for instance, in literature, art, and film. We will show how these genres reveal the moral ambivalence of both narratives, using two well-known movies as illustrations: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1940).

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‘Sensuous Singularity’

Hamish Fulton’s Cairngorm Walk-Texts

Alan Macpherson

, specifically for an environmental ethics. Bennett’s argument for enchantment responds to what she diagnoses as the prevailing disenchantment narratives of modernity, which she traces through, among others, Max Weber, Hans Blumenberg and Simon Critchley. 8 A

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Elemental Imagination and Film Experience

Climate Change and the Cinematic Ethics of Immersive Filmworlds

Ludo de Roo

metaphysics, respectively; in both projects, ethics plays a very marginal role at best. Nonetheless, some environmental philosophers have recently begun to extend Bachelard's and Sallis's work into an environmental ethics of elemental imagination. One strand

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Hunting for Justice

An Indigenous Critique of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Lauren Eichler and David Baumeister

in the NAM, review relevant positions on hunting that are found in the environmental ethics and animal rights literatures, and further develop the Indigenous critique of the NAM that began in the preceding section. The connection between hunting and

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The iAnimal Film Series

Activating Empathy Through Virtual Reality

Holly Cecil

advocacy, environmental ethics, and feminism, and propose an ethics of care based on compassion. In Entangled Empathy: An Alternative Ethic for Our Relationships with Animals , ecofeminist scholar Lori Gruen suggests that we exist not as isolated agents

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Hendrik Paasche, Katja Paasche, and Peter Dietrich

Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming . New York : Bloomsbury Press . Parker , Wendy S. 2017 . “ Environmental Science: Empirical Claims in Environmental Ethics .” In The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics , ed. Stephen Gardiner and

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Francesc Bellaubi

. Ética medioambiental: responsabilidad y derechos . [Environmental ethics: responsibility and rights] Spain : Bubock . Burgui , M. , and E. Chuvieco . 2017 . Dimensiones eticas en los dilemas ambientales. Estudios de casos [Ethical dimensions

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Pascale Molinier

position rationaliste de « l’homme moderne », avec ses accents kantiens, peut être approchée par cette citation de Paul Taylor dans Respect for Nature. A Theory of Environmental Ethics , où la morale se déploie sur un versant strictement cognitif pour se