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Jamon Alex Halvaksz and Heather E. Young-Leslie

The literature on environment-animal-human relations, place, and space, tends to emphasize cultural differences between global interests and local environmental practices. While this literature contributes substantially to our understanding of resource management, traditional ecological knowledge, and environmental protection, the work of key persons imbricated in both global and local positions has been elided. In this article, we propose a theory of “ecographers” as individuals particularly positioned to relate an indigenous epistemology of the local environment with reference to traditional and introduced forms of knowledge, practice, and uses of places, spaces, and inter-species relationships. We ground our analysis in ethnographic research among two Pacific communities, but draw parallels with individuals from varied ethnographic and environmental settings. This new concept offers a powerful cross-cultural approach to ecological strategizing relationships; one grounded by local yet globally and historically inflected agents of the present.

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by a contribution from María Claudia Mejía and Claudia Puerta Silva that examines consumption practices in Medellín, Colombia. The results of this study show that pro-environmental practices related to consumption and waste contribute to the formation

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María Claudia Mejía Gil and Claudia Puerta Silva

factors that affect the appropriation of pro-environmental practices in the Global South, specifically in cities of countries with emerging economies and fast urbanization. Through semi-structured interviews and non-participant observation conducted with

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Jeff Kirby

has helpfully recognized that both Smith and Haluza-DeLay use the term “ecological habitus” to refer to “pro-environmental practices and ways of being.” She has for her purposes redefined the term as “value neutral”; that is, not implying “either pro

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Vegetables and Social Relations in Norway and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis of Urban Allotment Gardeners

Esther J. Veen and Sebastian Eiter

or inequality. Paul Milbourne shows that community gardening projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods can produce new socio-ecological spaces, in which “horticultural and environmental practice [is] being translated into new forms of sociality, public