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Semantics of Time and Historical Experience

Remarks on Koselleck's Historik

Luca Scuccimarra

Moving from Koselleck's most recent essays on Historik, the author explores the role played by historiography in the constitution of historicity as a peculiar experiential dimension of human existence. The essay focuses on the complex link between difference and repetition which, according to Koselleck's theory of experience, constitutes a “specific historical temporality” and its inner articulation. Actually, it is by exploring the “formal temporal structures” which constitute the horizon of historical intelligibility that Koselleck brings to light the decisive role that the point of view of historiography has for the constitution of man as the subject of historical knowledge and action. It is difficult to ignore the importance of this theory of historical temporalization in an age in which the End of History rhetoric tends to transform itself in a sort of media gospel.

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Experiencing Anticipation. Anthropological Perspectives

Christopher Stephan and Devin Flaherty

approach to anticipation that privileges its role as lived experience. We offer ‘anticipatory experience’ not as an alternative to these senses, but as an approach through which the intrinsic interrelations of these senses can be disclosed. The articles in

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A Generative Theory of Anticipation

Mood, Intuition and Imagination in Architectural Practice

Christopher Stephan

relation, building upon one another, allowing us to attend to anticipation's temporal unfolding. In what follows, I offer an initial theoretical sketch of the range of anticipatory experiences and their interrelation. Rather than attempt to delimit and

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Jelena Tošić and Annika Lems

, including their experience of being stuck in transit, their dreams and experiences of Europe as well as their decision to leave it behind, we explore the long-standing and unequal interconnectedness of Europe and Africa. We suggest that rather than

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Leonidas Sotiropoulos and

the way this travel text relates Miller’s experiences with Greek life of that period and on the elated mood that possesses the author, leading him to portray an elevated Greek culture. The book may be considered an ode to Greece and the Greek people

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Paisley Livingston

These brief comments focus on only one of the many strands of Murray Smith’s (2017) wide-ranging and excellent new book Film, Art, and the Third Culture , namely his discussion of aesthetic experience. Smith claims that aesthetic experience is “a

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Conceptualizing Compassion in Communication for Communication

Emotional Experience in Islamic Sermons (Bengali waʿẓ maḥfils)

Max Stille

This article is about communication practice as a driving force to bring about conceptual change. It approaches the emotional experience in a particular strand of Islamic sermons from contemporary Bangladesh 1 by an extended rhetorical analysis

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Naturalizing Aesthetic Experience

The Role of (Liberated) Embodied Simulation

Vittorio Gallese

fiction ( Wojciehowski and Gallese 2018 ). Within this complex debate, I will confine myself to a brief discussion of two aspects addressed by Smith in his book: triangulation and empathy. The Assault on “Mount Experience”: Triangulation In the second

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Cosmologies and Lifestyles

A Cultural Ecological Framework and Its Implications for Education Systems

Phil Bayliss and Patrick Dillon

This essay critiques the majoritarian, post-Enlightenment, scientific worldview, the assumptions it makes about human cosmologies and lifestyles and how, in turn, these assumptions influence the nature of education systems. The critique focuses on how the experiences of minority cultures, particularly those cultures that are nomadic or pastoralist, challenge some of the fundamental premises of majoritarian education. There follows a cultural ecological framing which compares the ways in which Western (majoritarian) cultures and minoritarian cultures contextualise education. In Western educational situations, structures, contexts and schemata are substantially pre-defined, and we talk about things as 'context-dependent', since context is something that can be described as the backdrop to behaviour. In minoritarian cultures both meaning and context emerge from people's interactions with their environments and may subsequently be described. These are respectively relational and co-constitutional manifestations of situations. We present a cultural ecological framework in an attempt simultaneously to embrace both interpretations.

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Experiencing In-betweenness

Literary Spatialities

Tahmineh Hooshyar Emami

past personal experiences. This has included a cluster of experiments to aid the understanding and design of better city-camps or camp-cities at different scales. The first highly collaborative experiment developed an analogy between the condition of