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Ambiguous Narratives of World War Technologies in Contemporary Military History Museums

Stephan Jaeger

biases. The concept of experientiality perceives the visitor as a mediating consciousness in the museum space (an anthropomorphic experiencer), activating different potentialities held in artifacts, spaces, stories, and constellations. 8 This concept

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Experiential Sociology

Arpad Szakolczai

Since its birth, but especially since its academic institutionalization, sociology has been plagued by a series of dualisms and dichotomies that seriously diminish the relevance of much of sociological work. To start with, there is the opposition of theoretical and empirical soci- ology; an opposition that should have been stillborn, as it is com- monplace that theoretical work without empirical evidence is arid, while empirical research without theory is spiritless and boring, but continues to survive and even thrive. There is also the division between substantive and methodological issues, creating the impres- sion of two separate realms and the illusion of a ‘free choice’ of method. One can continue with the contrast between methodological individualism and collectivism that in our days culminates in the var- ious debates around rational choice theory, but which is just the old debate between (neo-classical) economics and classical (Durk- heimian) social theory, in new clothes. Still further, there is the dilemma of dynamic versus static approaches, which could be for- mulated in the language of historical versus structural, or of genetic versus genetic. There is furthermore the dichotomy dominating so much of contemporary sociology, between agency and structure, which is just another way of posing the contrast between action and system, dominating the structural-functionalism of the 1950s and 1960s, or the even older opposition between object and subject and their dialectic, central for German idealist philosophy. At an even more general level, there is the question of the link between reality and thought, the extent to which thought and discourses can properly reproduce reality, or, on the contrary, the claims about the autonomy of discourse, or the independence of the text, a theme particular cher- ished by various postmodern approaches.

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A Generative Theory of Anticipation

Mood, Intuition and Imagination in Architectural Practice

Christopher Stephan

–48 ) ‘imagining-how’, one may fully simulate and elaborate on possible future states of affairs. Anticipation, then, is not a unitary state or even an activity with a consistent set of experiential correlates, but rather a gradation of experiential modalities that

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Experiments with image theatre: Accessing and giving meaning to sensory experiences in Social Anthropology

Annika Strauss

in colloquiums largely neglect the experiential dimensions of fieldwork. In academic performances and the discussion of texts and fieldnotes, the body is silenced and disciplined and only particular expressions of the self are deemed acceptable. Many

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Atmospheres beyond the Conflict City/Ordinary City Divide

Sara Fregonese

sentient approaches to conflict. The second section reflects on the pervading militarization of urban spaces worldwide beyond the confines of war zones. It focuses on the relational, lived and experiential aspects of urban security in Western urban

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Instances of Cinema

Ted Nannicelli

This article is a philosophical exploration of a knotty epistemological question: What is required for viewers to have a full or proper experiential engagement with a cinematic artwork? It is a difficult question, in part, because it appears simple

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FACT Is a Fact of Both Life and Art

Jerrold Levinson

among three levels or sources of data—the experiential-phenomenological, the psychological-functional, and the neural-physiological—as the best way to make progress in aesthetic theory: At the heart of triangulation is the principle that at the outset of

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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

relations are unreal, as in science fiction and fantasy contexts. Experiential Metaphor Conversely, what can be understood as inherently “avant-garde” in the cinematic arts is any audiovisual attempt at the connotative . In other words, how can any

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Book Reviews

Thomas Klikauer, Norman Simms, Helge F. Jani, Bob Beatty, and Nicholas Lokker

, and Experience to Experientiality (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020). Stephan Jaeger's The Second World War in the Twenty-First-Century Museum examines how a group of 12 international institutions have expanded their presentations of World War II beyond

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Experiential Landscapes of Terror

Sunčana Laketa, Sara Fregonese, and Damien Masson

, they mobilize an experiential realm that is seemingly ephemeral, yet crucial for uncovering how terrorism and security practices and discourses resonate and are experienced by urban populations. This special section addresses how the spatialities of