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A Battle For Sanity

The 1961 Withdrawal from the Ontario Hockey Association by the St. Michael’s Majors

Alexandra Mountain

exploited its teenage hockey players, demanding a commitment of sixty to seventy hours per week while paying them as little as thirty-five dollars per week for these efforts. 1 Fundamentally, the players argued, the CHL did not recognize them as employees

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Elias L. Khalil

One may claim a particular set of institutions – which underpin a system such as slavery, feudalism or capitalism – to be exploitative. Could such a claim act as the basis of evaluating the set of institutions as necessarily inefficient? If

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Dustin William Louie

The appearance of social media has enabled the recruitment of Indigenous 1 populations into sexual exploitation. As recently as the last decade, social media lacked substantial influence on recruitment, but today it is routinely employed by those

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Angélica Rodríguez Rodríguez and Carlos Enrique Guzmán Mendoza

Full article is in Spanish.

English abstract: This article analyses how, during the period from 2013 to 2017, popular consultation was used by nine Colombian municipalities to slow mining and hydrocarbon exploitation due to their harmful socio-environmental impact. In order to do so, we review the concept of sustainable development in relation with the legal mechanisms employed to its promotion and defense. We present the developments of the extractive sector in Colombia and discuss the nine popular consultations promoted by the municipal authorities. We conclude that despite the suitability of popular consultation, it has proved to be ineffective to stop the extractive projects that generate harmful effects on the communities where they are developed.

Spanish abstract: Este artículo analiza cómo, durante el periodo 2013–2017, la consulta popular fue utilizada por nueve municipios colombianos para frenar la explotación minera y de hidrocarburos dado su dañino impacto socioambiental. Para ello, revisamos el concepto de desarrollo sostenible en relación con los mecanismos legales empleados para su promoción y defensa. Presentamos los desarrollos del sector extractivo en Colombia y discutimos las nueve consultas populares adelantadas por los entes municipales. Concluimos que, a pesar de su idoneidad, la consulta popular ha resultado poco efectiva para detener los proyectos extractivos que generan efectos nocivos sobre las comunidades donde se desarrollan.

French abstract: Cet article analyse comment, au cours de la période 2013-2017, une consultation populaire a été menée dans neuf municipalités colombiennes sur l’exploitation minière et des hydrocarbures, en lien avec leur impact socio-environnemental. Pour ce faire, nous procédons d’abord à une révision du concept de développement durable par rapport aux mécanismes juridiques utilisés pour sa promotion et sa défense. Nous présentons ensuite les développements du secteur extractif en Colombie et analysons les neuf consultations menées par les autorités municipales. Finalement, nous concluons que, malgré son utilité, la consultation populaire s’est révélée inefficace pour mettre un terme aux projets d’extraction là où ils ont eu des effets néfastes sur les communautés.

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Birgitte Bruun

Exploitation is a prominent theme in recent critical academic observations of the workings of transnational medical research that recruit study subjects from less privileged se ttings. Kaushik Sunder Rajan, for example, illuminates the inherent

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Republican Freedom in the Labour Market

Exploitation Without Interpersonal Domination

Fausto Corvino

In this article, I query whether participation in the labour market can hinder neo-republican freedom as non-domination. I briefly present the view of Philip Pettit on the topic, based on the distinction between offering a reward and threatening a punishment. I compare it to the analysis of labour republicans, recently reconstructed by Alex Gourevitch, according to whom, the exclusion of a group of individuals from the control of productive assets represents a form of structural domination. Then, I explain why I take a position that is different from both. I hold that capitalist structural domination leads only to exploitation, not interpersonal domination. In doing this, I consider two objections that might be raised against my argument. The first one is based on incomplete contracts and on a possible ideal benchmark for job offers. The second one challenges the supposed arbitrariness of unequal property relations within the capitalist social system.

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Lieke Hettinga and Terrance Wooten

:// 10.1215/23289252-2867446 Jian Neo Chen, Trans Exploits: Trans of Color Cultures and Technologies in Movement (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2019). ix +184 pp., ISBN: 9781478000877 (paperback, $23.95) Reviewed by Terrance

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Jodi Dean

, exploitative system of racial capitalism that the police protect. The protests quickly took on the feeling of a mass rebellion, even before Trump threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act empowering him to deploy federal troops to quell uprisings on US soil

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Hadas Weiss

remain exploited as workers and face new risks as savers. Wherever property and services can be bought with lower incomes, wages are lowered. Wherever household wealth appears in the form of mortgage and credit card debts, bank loans, owned homes

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‘Tu Numeris Elementa Ligas’

The Consolation of Nature’s Numbers in Parlement of Foulys

C.W.R.D. Moseley

’ of the poem – indeed, their implications contradict. An alert reader will be aware of how flawed his first reading was, yet it in turn criticizes the second. But both are ‘true’. Chaucer is exploring/ exploiting that gap between what we might call