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The Professionalization of the Clergy

Parish Priests in Early Modern Malta

Frans Ciappara

, contrary to the spirit of professional ethics, they rendered their parishes turbulent places, making running feuds an inseparable part of Maltese parish life. 119 They were caught up in worldly pursuits, which made their ministry a “job” like any other

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Krzysztof Lalik

obligation to conclude them sooner or later. If a man kills a fellow tribesman, it is possible to prevent, or curtail, a feud by payment of cattle […]. It must not be supposed that feuds within a tribe are easy to conclude. There is considerable control over

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Lars Rensmann

Despite several breakthroughs that indicate radical right parties' significant electoral potential, they remain highly volatile players in both Poland and eastern Germany. This is puzzling because radical right competitors can benefit from favorable politico-cultural conditions shaped by postcommunist legacies. The electoral markets in Poland and the eastern German Länder show low levels of affective party identification and low levels of political trust in mainstream parties and government institutions. Most importantly, there is a sizeable, yet largely unrepresented segment of voters who share salient counter-cosmopolitan preferences. They point to a “silent counterrevolution“ against globalization and cosmopolitan value change that displays substantive affinities to radical right ideology. Offering a transborder regional comparison of the four most relevant radical right parties and their conditions for electoral mobilization in Poland and eastern Germany, this article argues that the radical right's crossnational volatility-and often underperformance-in elections is mainly caused by internal supply side factors. They range from organizational deficiencies, leadership issues, and internal feuds, to strategic failures and a lack of democratic responsiveness. In turn, the disequilibrium between counter-cosmopolitan demand and its political representation is likely to be reduced if radical right competitors become more effective agents of electoral mobilization-or new, better organized ones emerge.

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The Perfect, Impossible Love

Three Egyptian Film Adaptations of Romeo and Juliet

Rafik Darragi

father, ‘Abd al-Ghaffār Pasha. On the train home to his village he meets Fakrīya, the only daughter of Ābu al-Majd Pasha, who had a longstanding feud with ‘Abd al-Ghaffār. There is no love at first sight, no respective cousins interfering in the feud, and

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

engagements as illegitimate. In this article, I draw on six months of dedicated fieldwork that focused on Jordan’s tribal law and on more than four years spent living and working amongst Jordanian tribesmen to track a reported upsurge in feuding in Jordan

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Yousef Abu Amrieh

once nurtured love stories, but unfortunately, love stories faded away due to ongoing feuds and conflicts. Just as Shakespeare's prologue informs the audience that the play is about a love story set in ‘fair Verona’, the first few lines of Chapter 1 of

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Matthew Trundle

less violent societies of preindustrial Europe.” 46 He identifies four key reasons for this: (1) unarmed citizens, (2) a nonmilitant ideology, (3) the absence of a culture based on vendetta and blood feud, and (4) the Athenian judicial system. Our

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Željka Janković and Svetlana Stefanović

in which women extended their influence through informal channels and reveals that intraparty—that is, interparty feuds—influenced the work of Women’s organizations, and that the women activists were, in fact, politically profiled. The two reviewed

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Janet Staiger

gaps in Red River that concern Berliner? These include storylines that Berliner believes have no actual resolution—“planting without payoff” (74–76): Thomas Dunson (John Wayne) beginning a love story with a woman, Dunson starting a feud with a Mexican

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Randolph Roth

“civilization” theorists, that there are five basic reasons for the long-term decline in violence: Leviathan: We have created strong states with monopolies on the legitimate use of force, which can suppress feuding, raiding, and vigilantism. Commerce: People