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Covidiots and the Clamour of the Virus-as-Question

Some Reflections on Biomedical Culture, Futurity and Finitude

Bryan Lim


Drawing on my experience with gay men in London who, despite COVID-19-related public health guidelines, continue to meet up and congregate so as to engage in a myriad of sexual (and non-sexual) practices, this article grapples with how an insistence on pre-pandemic intimacies of bodily interactions during a pandemic might prompt us to reconsider our relationship with biomedicine. While these covidiots’ experiments with mortality in the form of dance parties, orgies and casual hook-ups may not be ethically exemplary, this article argues that they are at the very least ethically interesting because they serve as lures through which our other intimacies with temporality, futurity and finitude may be reconsidered.

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Keeping the Future at Bay

Waria, Anticipation and Existential Endings in Bali, Indonesia

Sylvia Tidey

follows, I will first take a Heideggerian approach to elucidate how the realization of the inevitability of the finitude of existence creates an opportunity for anticipation. When faced with her own mortality and the breakdown of a relationship, Claudia

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Grave Matters and the Good Life

On a Finite Economy in Bosnia

Larisa Jasarevic

This article outlines how the good life and a decent death in contemporary Bosnia are underwritten and undermined by informal forms of debt. Such debts finance pursuit of a pleasurable life in a post-conflict, post-socialist economy but inspire daily anxieties, not least about dying indebted. The article runs through household budgeting, everyday splurges, bodily discomforts, ordinary death and a funeral marketplace, suggesting a 'finite economy' of vernacular practice incited and limited by an habitual fixation on existential finitude.

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Stuart Ward

. Significantly, Pocock described the title of his book as “a name for the moment in conceptualized time in which the republic was seen as confronting its own temporal finitude,” and it is precisely this—the preoccupation with finitude —that animates the

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John H. Gillespie

-like perspective: ‘Dieu n’a pas vidé les lieux. Il est toujours dans les consciences : c’est le point de vue de Dieu qu’on envisage quand on pense que notre saisie de l’Etre reste relative à notre finitude’ [God has not left the premises. He is still in people

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Law and Liberation

Critical Notes on Agamben’s Political Messianism

Jayne Svenungsson

“rationality” or the “morality” of the Torah’. 17 The only question is: what is lost in such eagerness to abandon the concrete aspects of the law? Whereas the law, with its seemingly superfluous decrees and regulations, binds us to our finitude, history and

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L’Aimé qui est l’aimée

Can Levinas’ Beloved Be Queer?

Robin Podolsky

separation, our finitude, allows us to partake in discourse – only separate beings can surprise one another. Our embodied finitude is its own consolation. In discourse with the Other – in conversation – the subject is thrust into diachronous time. Diachrony

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Khaled Furani

’ interest in difference, restricting it to languages of finitude (e.g., humanism, historicism). 13 This article thus explores the ways in which anthropologists’ commitment to the cultural constitutes an idolatry that conflates the finite with the infinite

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Anticipation and Episodic Time

Cheryl Mattingly

things. His deeper existential claim is about human finitude: becoming is authentically experienced as being-towards-death. However, Drea's encounter with death, when her daughter is given a literal death sentence, complicates, even stops, anticipatory

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Rethinking the class politics of boredom

Marguerite van den Berg and Bruce O’Neill

. Harvey , David . 1990 . The condition of postmodernity: An enquiry into the origins of cultural change . London : Wiley-Blackwell . Heidegger , Martin . ( 1995 ) 2001 . The fundamental concepts of metaphysics: World, finitude, solitude