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Gazing at Medusa

Adaptation as Phallocentric Appropriation in Blue Is the Warmest Color

Marion Krauthaker and Roy Connolly

with the negative impact of male-oriented representations of women. Laura Mulvey coins the term ‘male gaze’ to describe a representation influenced by a patriarchal and binary standpoint. 4 In Mulvey’s view, by assuming heterosexual men as the default

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Elizabeth S. Leet

palfreys. 1 By using their wealth, courtly animals, and physical beauty to free their lovers, each fairy mistress participates actively in the male gaze and circumvents the social expectations levied on many courtly women. Although the male gaze has often

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John Eade

portraying dramatic events associated with them. Lourdes emerged as a particularly controversial shrine because of people's claims to having been miraculously healed there. The body became a prime focus of the photographic gaze in this context, and

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Digitizing the Western Gaze

The End FGM Guardian Global Media Campaign

Jessica Cammaert

newspaper’s international reputation will help “open doors” for change, but it betrays an inclusive ‘Othering’ based on the digital repackaging of historical attempts at transnational sisterhood (Nnaemeka 2005) , but with a distinctly similar western gaze

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A Music Room of One's Own

Discursive Constructions of Girls-only Spaces for Learning Popular Music

Cecilia Björck

This article elaborates on discursive constructions of girls-only settings through the spatial metaphor of a room of one's own, as articulated in round-table discussions among staff and participants from girl-centered music programs in Sweden. The idea of a separate room refers to spaces for collective female empowerment as well as for individual knowledge acquisition and creativity. These spaces are constructed so as to provide the possibility for exploration, subjectivity, and focus, by offering (partial and temporary) escape from competition and control, from a gendered and gendering gaze, and from distraction. Girl-centered programs are also discussed as paradoxical because they function as gender-neutral when seen from the inside, but gender-specific when seen from the outside.

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Emma Celeste Bedor

, therefore, I explicate the origins and structures of revenge pornography and then provide a history of the relationship between the general concepts of voyeurism and the gaze and the specific aspects of cinematic and photographic images that shift with

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Guillermine D.E. Lacoste

The theory of the gaze elaborated in L’Etre et le Néant has long been a classic, used, quoted and criticised by a plethora of writers, Lacan among them. There are at least ten references to Sartre’s gaze in Lacan’s Séminaires from 1954 to 1964. In an essay entitled ‘A Lacanian Elucidation of Sartre’, in which I used Lacan’s terminology on neurosis, I called the gaze the first phobia of the neurotic. I viewed it and the other two phobias I discerned in L’Etre et le Néant (le trouble and the viscous) as forming a link in the chain of Sartre’s autoanalytical writings (from La Nausée through L’Etre et le Néant, Baudelaire, Saint Genet, to L’Idiot de la famille).

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Jackie Feldman

arrangements and accessibility. If in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the sick body was the object of a medical gaze harnessed to prove miraculous cures, the cinematographic gaze disseminated other kinds of knowledge and spectacle that

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Elizabeth Mazzola

What meanes shall she out seeke, or what wayes take How shall she know, how shall she finde the man? —The Faerie Queene 3.3. 25.2–3 Catching himself looking away is a regular impulse in Spenser’s poems, recording the whereabouts of his gaze a habit

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Ceasing Fire and Seizing Time

LA Gang Tours and the White Control of Mobility

Sarah Sharma and Armonds R. Towns

the ghetto for white tourists to view black people in their “natural habitat.” 1 While there are definitely elements of the tourist gaze, 2 we argue that to merely focus on the tourist gaze misses a more pressing opportunity to engage with the