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Don’t know much about NAFTA

The continued importance of a global issues general education course

Carol D. Miller

At the beginning of the semester, 42.6 per cent of undergraduates enrolled in a lower division, general education global studies course at a comprehensive state university in the Midwestern United States reported that they ‘didn’t know’ what the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was, and 85 per cent believed that, in general, trade with other countries created jobs. Analyses of data show that those who did not rely on TV or radio for their news sources were less likely to know what NAFTA was, but their knowledge transformed by the end of the semester. Results demonstrated the necessity for general education courses focused on global issues in an era when students do not rely on traditional sources for news information.

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Getting medieval on education

Integrating classical theory and medieval pedagogy in modern liberal arts classes

Jonathan Klauke

This article explores the historical importance of argument and self-learning within the structure of liberal arts education and how these can be applied to the design of university and community college general education classes to help students develop skills in effective communication, critical thinking and self-learning. Research in classical and medieval theories of education, the liberal arts and pedagogy are used to clarify the purpose of higher education (teaching students how to learn without the aid of a teacher) and explore historical and modern pedagogies designed to achieve that purpose. A case study from an introductory history course designed based on medieval pedagogies provides examples of implementing these pedagogies, as well as assessment from three years of teaching it in both community college and university classrooms.

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Penny Welch and Susan Wright

In this issue of Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences, academics from Sweden, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom offer insights into a number of features of undergraduate study – independent study projects, the development of political attitudes, the graduate attributes agenda, general education courses in global studies and the attainment gap between students with different types of entry qualifications.

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Penny Welch and Susan Wright

value of including an experiential assignment on an elective general education course taken by students from across the university. The teaching team responded to problems with the structure of the course, ‘Culture through Film’, by requiring students to

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Individualization and Ethnopedagogy at Small Elementary Schools

Components of Vocational Training for University Tutors

Nikolai Neustroev, Anna Neustroeva, Tuyaara Shergina, and Jenanne K. Ferguson

with the new educational standards. The second-generation federal state educational standard of primary general education, based on a competence approach, was approved in 2009, and implemented throughout Russia in 2011. In this regard, over the past few

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Migration Destination Choice as a Criterion of Self-Identification

The Case of Young People Leaving Noril’sk and Dudinka

Nadezhda Zamyatina

Laruelle . London : Routledge . Zapoliarnaia Pravda . 2016 . “ Dostat’ do neba ” [To Reach the Sky]. 28 October . . Abbreviations Short names for Noril’sk schools: L-1: Municipal budgetary general education

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Ekaterina Chekhorduna, Nina Filippova, and Diana Efimova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

relations, activities, consciousness, that a person relies on to resist the destructive influences of the modern world—were chosen as criteria for the systematization of those values. The federal state standard of general education establishes that all

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Learning to Judge Politics

Professor John Dunn (Interviewed by Professor Lawrence Hamilton)

John Dunn and Lawrence Hamilton

best despite its inequalities? If understood in a kind of median sense, would the United Kingdom not rank quite highly on general education levels and political comprehension? JD: Well, I don't know about general education levels. I dare say that

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Paula Booke and Todd J. Wiebe

the pre- and post-test surveys The goal of general education political science courses is to prepare students (many of whom are not political science majors) for citizenship by enabling them to become better consumers of political information and

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Evenki Adolescents’ Identities

Negotiating the Modern and the Traditional in Educational Settings

Svetlana Huusko

possession of “knowledge”; in other words, teachers have an expert position and coercive power ( van Dijk 2012 ). Considering that general education, which includes primary, basic, and secondary education, is compulsory in Russia, teachers’ power can be