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Senses and Gender in Modern and Ancient Greek Healing Rituals

Evy Johanne Håland

studies of ancient sources. The background for the project is the problem of how we can understand certain mainstays of ancient Greek culture, such as its healing rituals. In Greece those healing rituals were generally carried out during religious

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Bringing the Soul Back to the Self

Soul Retrieval in Neo-shamanism

Galina Lindquist

It has been generally agreed that rituals of healing work through transforming the embodied self; thus, they are especially fit to be analyzed as rituals in their own right. This chapter focuses on the ritual of soul retrieval as it is practiced by Western urban neo-shamans. It argues that apart from giving the patient new memories and new narratives of the self, this version of soul retrieval works by staging a formalized context for forgiveness, here conceptualized as reconciliation between the self and the mundane and divine others. It is argued, however, that the mechanism of this healing ritual is better understood in the light of New Age ontologies of the self, consciousness, and the divine, making ‘ritual in its own right‚’ a good first step towards re-engaging with the social.

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Book Review

Casey High

are introduced one after the other’ (p.196). For Severi, parallelism, like any technique of remembering, is a way of orienting the imagination that ultimately produces beliefs. For example, in healing rituals, a shaman becomes a ‘complex locutor’, a

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Ritual Processes of Repatriation

A Discussion

Sonya Atalay, Nika Collison Jisgang, Te Herekiekie Herewini, Eric Hollinger, Michelle Horwood, Robert W. Preucel, Anthony Shelton, and Paul Tapsell

Edited by Jennifer Shannon

authors below attest to, transformative work for all who are involved, whether they are from a museum, Indigenous community, or both. Sonya Atalay (Anishinaabe—Ojibwe) University of Massachusetts Amherst Repatriation is healing. Rituals of repatriation

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The Politics of Ritual Form(ation) in Contemporary Mongolia

Elizabeth Turk

, and then show that it does not quite pertain in those circumstances. Archetypal Actions of Ritual and the Making of Healing Rituals in Mongolia For Laidlaw and Humphrey (2006: 265–266 ), ritual as action departs from Durkheimian and neo

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Faith in Anthropology

A Symposium on Timothy Larsen’s The Slain God

Brian Howell, J. Derrick Lemons, Jon Bialecki, James Bielo, Tanya Luhrmann, and Timothy Larsen

cause rain, healing rituals avert death, harvest rituals produce crops. But instrumental efficacy is not the only kind of efficacy to be derived from symbolic action. The other kind is achieved in the action itself, in the assertions it makes and the

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Anthropologists and Healers

Radical Empiricists

Edith Turner

healing customs” or some such thing. I told her that I wanted to experience healing and spirit perception and know it as a reality. I told her that in Africa I helped at a healing ritual and, at the climax of the drumming, saw a spirit body emerge from the

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Stocks of Images

Stephan Feuchtwang

the audience both accept and enact. Diviners may themselves be performers of further healing rituals indicated by their preliminary process of divination, as among the Nuoso or by some shamans, or they recommend a rite to be performed by another expert

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Social Pressure in the Choice of Individual Religious Practice

Tatiana Bulgakova

shaman’s spiritual, and sometimes hidden, impact on the community. During healing rituals, shamans “accumulated” the patients’ souls and, as it was believed, and placed them into special spiritual “containers.” Since shamans could manipulate those souls

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Durkheim's Effervescence and Its Maussian Afterlife in Medical Anthropology

Elisabeth Hsu

achieve de qi belonged to a variety of techniques that practitioners make use of to intensify the experience of pain deliberately in the opening phase of a healing ritual. Where I focused mainly on hands-on techniques (needling, nettle massaging, crying