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Neoliberalism, Hedonism and the Dying Public

Reclaiming Political Agency through the Exercise of Courage

Grant M. Sharratt and Erik Wisniewski

Introduction For the first time, the individual pursuit of a particular variety of hedonism is an end viewed with ethical justification, a unique historical moment in which the pursuit of pleasure is viewed not with suspicion, but expectation

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Biljana Dojčinović

, a volcanic combination of sincerity, openness, intellectual and human honesty, sense of humour, hedonism. If the first law of thermodynamics, which states that the total amount of energy always remains the same, is still valid, then I must wonder

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Katrin Röder and Christoph Singer

's reading of Utopia from 2010 concentrates on the impact of materialism and the formative dimension of hedonism. In his approach from 1980, Greenblatt comments on the role of pleasure but above all on its regulation through panoptical surveillance and

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Andrew Dawson

during the pandemic in widespread contraventions of guidelines on social distancing ( BBC News 2020 ) as a kind of dangerous hedonism (see also Herzfeld in this Volume). In contrast, save for the occasional conflict over goods in short supply (see

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

engagement. While his persistent themes (the sexual marketplace, the emptiness of hedonism, the devil’s bargain of science, the mauvaise foi of the baby boomers) have always had a slight political tint, they have never been this explicit. Secondly, by

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Liesbeth Schoonheim

under which one is spurred to ‘think positively’. Beauvoir would criticise her youthful self for failing to consider her own social position and scold her solipsistic hedonism. Furthermore, self-help books have been criticised as an outgrowth of a neo

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In Fortune Fair and Foul

Happiness and Care of the Self in Sir Kenelm Digby's Letter-Book In Praise of Venetia

Paula Barros

embraced ‘the passionate idealism of Dante and Petrarch’ as well as ‘the frivolous hedonism of Boccaccio and Aretino’. 16 Among the books he purchased was a copy of Petrarch's Sonnets and Triumphs which had allegedly belonged to Aeneas Piccolomini, the

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Tourism and COVID-19

Intimacy Transformed or Intimacy Interrupted?

Hazel Andrews

, certainly for places like Magaluf, has obliterated it. However, the degree to which this will be a long-term scenario (notwithstanding the laws enacted to inhibit the type of hedonism found in the resort) is already in question, given reports in July 2020 of

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Hebrew Dystopias

From National Catastrophes to Ecological Disasters

Netta Bar Yosef-Paz

expensive clothes shopping, oblivious to the social and ecological implication of their actions. Indeed, linking personal guilt to ecological awareness, “carbon footprint” to “ecological sin,” Brian Stableford (2010: 277) argues that “hedonism always had a

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Osnat Roth-Cohen and Yehiel Limor

to business management ( Reinhardt 1993 ). The Americanization of German Advertising American influence on German advertising was profound and deep-rooted. American ads of the era exhorted consumer hedonism, emphasized themes of modernity, and often