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Boys on the Outer

Themes in Male Engagement with Music

Scott Harrison

This paper examines the cause of exclusionary practices in music, documenting the core values that underpin this issue in relation to males’ engagement with music. The focus for the paper is on the way in which gender has been one of the primary principles for the exclusion of boys, based on presumptions without foundation except in the erroneous hegemonic stereotypical images that prevail in social institutions such as schools. Through historical investigation of philosophy and practice combined with results from interviews with participants, the study reveals experiences in relation to genderbased exclusion from music. It concludes by offering an insight into approaches that deal with addressing this issue.

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“I Love You, Guys”

A Study of Inclusive Masculinities among High School Cross-Country Runners

Luis Morales and Edward Caffyn-Parsons

presuming heterosexuality (a form of heterosexism) but also because, as Zach notes, “I feel like I would know them enough that I would have a hint that they were gay or bi.” Homosocial Tactility Our observations demonstrated that the boys engaged in a great

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Discourses of Choice and Experiences of Constraint

Analyses of Girls' Use of Violence

Marion Brown

Girls who use violence are marginalized as the worst of the mean girls, disrupting conventional femininity codes and causing panic in the streets. Twenty two girls participated in a qualitative study in Nova Scotia about what it means to be a girl and use violence. Interpretations presented here suggest that their reasoning can be contextualized through an analysis of neoliberalism, racism, heterosexism and classism, as they navigate discourses of choice and experiences of constraint.

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Call for Papers

Feminist Movements across the Board (A Critical Analysis)

Barbara Franchi, Natália S. Perez, and Giovanni A. Travaglino

Feminist movements have had a fundamental impact on social life in many different parts of the world. Reforms in marriage and private property laws, as well as change in spheres as diverse as sexual life, contraception, and the work-place have had profound consequences on the way we conceptualize, act and signify gender relations. Feminist thinkers and activists have also brought attention to the impact that the intersectionality of racism, heterosexism, poverty and religious intolerance (among many other factors) can have in people’s lives.

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Linda A. Bell

Jean-Paul Sartre’s Anti-Semite and Jew was published shortly after the end of the Nazi occupation of France. Written in France, by a Frenchman, it is about French anti-Semites and French Jews. While this may seem to restrict the application of what Sartre has to say, I felt from my first encounter with the book that his observations and analyses have enormous potential in helping us to understand sexism and even heterosexism as well as racism, including possibly different forms of anti-Semitism.

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Janet Elise Johnson and Mara Lazda

't transform it into knowledge that brings about change, that contributes to our fight against inequality, patriarchy, (hetero)sexism, and the backlash against liberal values.” 17 For Kateřina Liškova (Czech Republic), Ann taught her that “feminism is a way of

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Groped and Gutted

Hollywood's Hegemonic Reimagining of Counterculture

Samantha Eddy

). Hollywood's whitewashed, heterosexist productions are not tone-deaf; they are the hegemonic adaptation that imaginatively restores white-heterosexism through the inventive marginalization of other identities. I describe this process as imaginative not as a

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“Boys in Power”

Consent and Gendered Power Dynamics in Sex

Katrín Ólafsdottir and Jón Ingvar Kjaran

anal sex and that the girl should “swallow” after giving oral sex. However, all participants agreed that in order to perform these marginal sexual acts, they needed to be consented to and verbally discussed beforehand. The (hetero)sex discourse also

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“Stop it, f*ggot!”

Producing East European Geosexual Backwardness in the Drop-In Centre for Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

aggressive masculinity and hostile attitudes towards openly gay people. In line with my argument that the Eastern European homophobia should be seen in its contexts, I look at these exhibitions of homophobia not as signs of inherent heterosexism and sexual

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“Hot Guys” in Tel Aviv

Pride Tourism in Israel

Amit Kama and Yael Ram

Queer International . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . 10.1215/9780822396536 Sears , James T. 1997 . “ Thinking Critically/Intervening Effectively about Homophobia and Heterosexism .” In Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia: Strategies that