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Danger, Moral Opacity, and Outrage

Fear of Jihadism and the Terrorist Threat in Southern Mali

Tone Sommerfelt

economic interests, agendas, and alliances is partly inspired by the fact that well-off merchants were well represented in the first communities of Wahhabi in Bamako ( Amselle 1985 ). According to Imam Bah, however, the alleged hidden agendas and alliances

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The Hidden Agenda of the 2009 Elections

Jonathan Mendilow

In the Knesset elections of 2009, what lay in the balance were not only significant programmatic differences between the main parties but the center of gravity of the party system and the direction from which the country is to be governed. Nevertheless, the three major rivals conducted a valance competition appropriate for situations in which the parties are ideologically close, and no questions of magnitude hang in the balance. This resulted from an unspoken agreement about the use of "tacit issues": rewards of the competition that are understood by stalwarts, and toward the attainment of which the rivals direct their e orts, but that are not spelled out to the wider public. Consequently, the campaign was among the shortest and least substantive in the country's history, but its outcome may determine the ideological direction of the country, the shape and steering capacity of its government, and the fate of the party system for a long time to come.

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Lionel Blue

reality with its pluralism and its problems. Now I think we are moving to another stage. We are beginning to approach the hidden agenda which underlies and bedevils this dialogue. We have somehow acquired the courage to pose the questions, which we had

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Migration – A New Normal

A Christian Perspective

Michael Oliver Bothner

hoping to return to their home soon, is integration or the often-hidden agenda of adaption top priority? What is integration? Integrated into what? Who has to do what? Why are people who would receive protected status according to the present legal

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Ordinary Violence, Emotion, Information, and Anxiety

Some Themes in Recent Work on Colonial Violence

William Palmer

observed that both groups of white settlers had hidden agendas. A contentious debate had arisen among Pennsylvanians about the meaning of empire and the price to be paid for it. Some Pennsylvania Quakers opposed the violence that accompanied expansion

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Enemies of the people

Theorizing dispossession and mirroring conspiracy in the Republic of Georgia

Katrine Bendtsen Gotfredsen

evoked more general feelings and fears of hidden agendas and political betrayal that are widely shared among the national community and thus placed himself within that community rather than in opposition to it. It is not he and his kind that are the

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Plans, Changes, Improvisations

Navigating Research on the Fertility Quests of Mozambican Women and Men

Inês Faria

involved, people are likely to be suspicious about researchers until seeing proof to the contrary and receiving assurance that you have no hidden agendas ( Dilger et al. 2015 ; Van der Geest and Finkler 2004 ). Indeed, my first experience of navigating

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Progressive Judaism in France

Stephen Berkowitz

reorganize Jewish religious life, to place the Jewish community under strict governmental control and to obtain from Jewish leaders complete loyalty to the empire. He also had a hidden agenda: the full assimilation of the Jews of France. In 1808 and 1809

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‘Ophelia divided from herself’ (Hamlet, 4.5.2944–45)

Ophelia's Manga Afterlives

Andreea Şerban

closeted aggressor who must control her temper, respectively. Trying to re-establish a connection with the girl he has mistreated, Hamlet too may be read as a naughty lover-boy (with a hidden agenda on the side), more humane and different from traditional

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Flying above Bloodshed

Performative Protest in the Scared City of Damascus

Ziad Adwan

whether people could gather and demonstrate. Regardless of the slogan, Al-Mukhabarat considered any gathering a conspiracy and a cover-up for a hidden agenda to bring down the regime. In this respect, flying demonstrations sought to gather for the sake of