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Leaving the Homeland

Kurdish Diasporic Experience in Binghamton

Aynur de Rouen

Through interviews with Iraqi Kurdish refugees who are currently living in and around Binghamton, New York, this study aims to evaluate details about the impact of the diaspora on these refugees and its effects on the development of Kurdish identity. Specifically, it focuses on the narratives of refugees who have faced physical pressure and violence, cultural assimilation and ethnic cleansing in their homeland, which has left an indelible mark on their memories and identities. Lastly, these notes from the field articulate how collective memory gives voice to the shared Kurdish past, refugees’ experiences in diaspora and the importance of spreading memories of the older generations, particularly to second-generation refugees, in shaping identities and reconstructing place in the United States.

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Majed Aladylah

identities and homeland. There are many anglophone Arab women writers, such as Fadia Faqir, Dina Abujaber, Liela Aboulele, Ahdaf Soulf, Mohja Kahf and Hala Alyan after publishing her debut novel Salt Houses in 2017. These writers emigrated to the United

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Vera Kuklina

This article focuses on the ways the urban Buriats in the city of Irkutsk construct the notion of homeland. Based on the analysis of family stories, observations, and interviews with the Buriats in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude collected between 2006 and 2011, the article investigates how urban indigenous Buriats sustain their ethnic identity in the city through various activities, interactions and solidarity with rural people, and how they use urban resources to maintain their ethnic identity.

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Crossing Boundaries

The Case of Wanda Wasilewska and Polish Communism

Agnieszka Mrozik

in this novel and in her earlier ones— Oblicze dnia (The face of day, 1934) and Ojczyzna (Homeland, 1935)—Wasilewska accused Poland of treating its citizens unequally; of being “a homeland of double standards”; different for the bourgeois and

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Joseph Long

This research report gives an ethnographic account of libations and ritual offerings in the shamanic culture of contemporary Western Buriats. Common ritual motifs are identified between libations in everyday practice, annual rites at the family hearth, and large-scale tailgan rituals. It is suggested that such practices mediate reciprocity between neighbors and reconstitute obligations of mutual help within kin groups. Finally, it is proposed that the vitality of the ritual complex today lies in its fundamental articulation of the principles of reciprocity and belonging in the context of rapid out-migration from the region and the atomization of kin groups.

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The Literary Making of Home(land)

Transnational Fictions of Home in Lloyd Jones' Mister Pip

Stella Butter

This article discusses the role literature plays in shaping 'home' as an ideological site of the spatial imaginary by drawing on Lloyd Jones' novel Mister Pip (2006) as a case study. Special emphasis is placed on analysing how ideals of home are rooted in 'cultures of subjectivity' (Reckwitz 2012). I systematically tease out two paradigms of home in Mister Pip and comment on their social implications within a postcolonial context. As I show, literature features as the privileged model of home in Mister Pip. This ideal of home is connected to a specific form of subjectivity, namely the 'creative self' (Reckwitz 2012). By shifting my attention to issues of reader response, I argue that Mister Pip 'trains' its readers in practices of the creative self, thereby contributing to a specific form of homemaking. I conclude with a critical assessment of Jones' literary achievement in the light of postcolonial power relations.

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Passing the Talking Stick

Resilience-Making through Storytelling

Tammy Williams

Young Indigenous Women's Utopia . 2019. Treaty 6 Traditional Homeland of the Metis People (Saskatoon, SK): Self-published with support from York University, McGill University, and Networks for Change and Well-being: Girl-led ‘from the ground up

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Héctor J. Pérez

successful and important TV serials of the current decade have made use of this narrative feature: Game of Thrones (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, 2011–2019); Homeland (Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, 2011–2020); Mr.Robot (Sam Esmail, 2015–2019); The

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Staging Sassoun

Memory and Music Video in Post-Soviet Armenia

Rik Adriaans

traditional dress … to visit all these places that had been our homeland before the Genocide.” He told me that he was surprised that he got along well with the local Turks he met, and that he found them generally more friendly and welcoming than the Kurds

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“Welcome to Divinity College”

Subjectification in Pilgrimage to the Iran-Iraq War Battlefields in Contemporary Iran

Mahshid Zandi

meaning visitors would make of this truth could, however, involve Allah and faith as the externalizing truth that makes one's life worthy—as short as it might be—as well as the territorial integrity of one's homeland and patriotic compassion. RN