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Elizabeth C. Macknight

Gender and class informed the attitudes of French noblemen toward military training and an army career in the France of the early Third Republic. Honor for the male aristocracy was considered to be “in the blood” and still very closely bound to ancient military virtues of duty, bravery, and sacrifice. Boys raised in noble families were conditioned to value martial honor—and to seek to embody it—well before entering prestigious military academies in adolescence. Ancestral tradition created pressure on noblemen to serve with distinction in the army and, by doing so, to conform to an ideal of military manhood. This strained some noblemen's relationships with male relatives and the cross-generational imperative to uphold the warrior ethos led many to their death on the battlefield.

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Misbehaving Women

Trespass and Honor in Late Medieval English Towns

Teresa Phipps

relationships through acts of violence, theft, or verbal abuse. These complaints provide valuable insights into the misbehavior of individuals in urban communities, as well as highlighting public perceptions of harm to credit, honor, or reputation that were

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Masculinity on Stage

Dueling in the Greek Capital, 1870–1918

Dimitra Vassiliadou

, and reproduced as liberal and patriotic values, by underlining in particular the fluid and polysemous concept of male honor. 2 The history of the duel has also been intertwined with the history of crime, which brought out the ambiguities of the

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The Editors

We are honored and delighted that our journal has won a prestigious “Prose”award for being 2008’s Best New Journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities, an award given by the Association of American Publisher’s Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division. Humility is in order and we will try to find time for it in a later issue of the journal.We are fortunate to have an involved and talented editorial board and submissions from top writers and scholars. All of us are committed to the subject of movies and mind because it opens so many doors for our understanding of art and science, the mind and brain, ourselves and others.

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

that people, groups, and states assess violence by cost-benefit analysis. They calculate the risks to their self-interest, honor, and basic survival of engaging in, or deferring, violence. Thus, he also extols the rise of reason as a foundation on which

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Fatima Khan, Claudia Mitchell, and Marni Sommer

. Photo by Milka Nyariro. Figure 3 The Honoring Jackie Kirk’s Legacy panel (left to right): Marni Sommer, Relebohile Moletsane, Nora Fyles, Julia Dicum, Rena Deitz, and Karen Mundy. Photo by Milka Nyariro. joined one of the various break-out groups

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Sociology in the Garden

Beyond the Liberal Grammar of Contemporary Sociology

Nissim Mizrachi

honor and dignity. In his well-known essay, “The Politics of Recognition,” Taylor (1994: 27) argues that modern identity was formed during the transition from ‘honor’ to ‘dignity’. In line with Orit Kamir (2002) , 10 who has written extensively on

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Sandro Chignola and João Feres Júnior

Contributions to the History of Concepts has much to celebrate. On one hand, issue number 3 inaugurates the journal’s second volume; its second year of existence. The reception of volume one could not have been better. We have received enthusiastic feedback from readers all over the world. Contributions has published authors from many different countries and from diverse academic milieus and traditions. The international reception of conceptual history has been on the rise for decades and Contributions is both a consequence of and an agent in this process. Our celebration, however, is not without sorrow. On February 3, 2006, Reinhart Koselleck passed away. One of the most influential historians and theoreticians of the last fifty years, Koselleck was simply the most important author in the field of conceptual history and, at the same time, an active promoter of its international reception.

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Valentina Mitkova

literature: Pleasures and challenges. Anniversary collection in honor of Prof. Milena Kirova), Sofia: University Press St. Kliment Ohridski, 2018, 728 pp., BGN 26 (hardback), ISBN: 978-954-074-573-2. Kamelia Spasova, Darin Tenev, and Maria Kalinova, eds

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The Concept of Sentimental Boyhood

The Emotional Education of Boys in Mexico during the Early Porfiriato, 1876–1884

Carlos Zúñiga Nieto

Mexican emotional standard of child-rearing that promoted the individual cultivation of honor, the management of anger, and the use of fear as discipline, drawing on well-known European pedagogic theories on boyhood in late nineteenth-century Mexico