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Who Is Feeling the Heat?: Vulnerabilities and Exposures to Heat Stress—Individual, Social, and Housing Explanations

Katharina Seebaß

article makes use of a survey on climate change from Nuremberg, a major city in southern Germany. The data set and operationalization are presented in the following section. Then, a regression model is applied to estimate individual, social, and housing

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Micromobility, Space, and Indigenous Housing Schemes in Australia after World War II

Katherine Ellinghaus and Sianan Healy

in twentieth-century Australia, housing schemes that targeted Indigenous communities were not just expressions of the project of assimilation (indeed, they failed to be assimilative) but were also about creating the particular “forced mobilities and

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Theorizing the urban housing commons

Don Nonini

This article theorizes the urban commons in the case of the housing commons of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from the 1960s to the present. The making and unmaking of urban commons like housing in Amsterdam can only be understood if urban

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Waiting for Dignity Housing

Slum Redevelopment, Cruel Governance and Unaccounted Time in Hyderabad

Indivar Jonnalagadda

In 2015, the government of the newly formed Telangana State announced an ambitious housing scheme that promised two-bedroom apartments (hereafter 2BHK 1 apartments) free of cost to all below-poverty-line (BPL) houseless families. This promise

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Migrant Residents in Search of Residences

Locating Structural Violence at the Interstices of Bureaucracies

Megan Sheehan

bureaucracy—at entry, in visa processing, through labor regulations, in accessing housing, and through services like education and health care. The Chilean government has invested heavily in crafting itself as open, welcoming, and multicultural. 1 However

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The Problem of “Art-House” and Economic Tendencies in the Project “Great Vladivostok”

Mariia Surzhik, Alexander Kim, Alexei Mamychev, Gulnara Assemkulova, and Madina Kuanyshbekova

political rehabilitation for dissidents, supported the peasants of the collective farms (known as kholkhozy ), and supported space studies and housing improvement. His administration considered the conditions in the Far East several times and concluded that

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Affordability and relationality

The reproduction and transformation of the segregated city in Windhoek

Lalli Metsola

” ( Ribot and Peluso 2003 )—to land, housing and basic services, resulting in the growth of informality and associated problems of access. Obviously, Windhoek is no longer a city officially divided into white, colored, and black residential areas. 1 Yet

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Struggling for home where home is not meant to be

A study of asylum seekers in reception centers in Norway

Anne Sigfrid Grønseth and Ragne Øwre Thorshaug

-being. The housing standards of asylum seekers are a sensitive and complex topic to address. Across Europe there tends to be an understanding that asylum seekers should just put up with low standards of housing since they do not belong in the country they

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The Properties of Self-Managed Collective Housing

Kinning and Inheritance

Sarah Blandy

Talking with Harriet, a new member of the radical housing co-operative at Hawthorn Crescent where she shares a large house with eight other adults, I am struck by her explanation of her living arrangements. She said ‘it is so much like a family

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Novices in bureaucratic regimes

Learning to be a claimant in the United Kingdom

Michelle Obeid

Widad 1 had just returned to her parents’ flat after a long assessment with her housing officer at the local council in London. “The same questions every time!” she complained. “These interviews bring you stress [using the English term].” A