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Germany's Energiewende at a Crossroads

Jonas Heering and Thane Gustafson

, considering both political and technical solutions. In particular, it examines the recent turn to hydrogen as a solution to the technical challenges facing the Energiewende . The Energiewende at a Crossroads Nearly two decades after passing the

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Towards a Sustainable Society

Considerations from a Natural Science Perspective

Frans W. Saris

wasteful. The idea of hydrogen for energy storage is also almost a century old. It requires an entirely new infrastructure, and the insecurity and large size of hydrogen storage tanks are other objections. It seems much more plausible to use the existing

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Evolutionary Thermodynamics and Theory of Social Quality as Links between Physics, Biology, and the Human Sciences

Jaap Westbroek, Harry Nijhuis, and Laurent van der Maesen

thereby makes Newton's law itself part of an evolutionary process ( Verlinde 2011 ). The evolution of the universe evolves in steps. First, the elements hydrogen and helium are formed, then later the other elements are formed, and then the first molecules

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Nature, Science, and Politics in the Anthropocene

Tracey Heatherington

), Ozzie Zehner has attempted to evaluate the possibilities of solar cells, wind power, biofuels, nuclear energy, hydropower, hydrogen power, “clean coal,” and other technologies touted as solutions to our current energy dilemmas. Zehner’s research task was

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The psychology of regions

A Vygotskian perspective

Luk Van Langenhove

. Constructivist thought raises a deep ontological problem, namely that portions of the world are only “facts” by human agreement. The observation that hydrogen atoms have one electron may be considered as a fact independent of human opinions. However, for a piece

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Green Out of the Blue, or How (Not) to Deal with Overfed Oceans

An Analytical Review of Coastal Eutrophication and Social Conflict

Alix Levain, Carole Barthélémy, Magalie Bourblanc, Jean-Marc Douguet, Agathe Euzen, and Yves Souchon

with each tide. However, most are stranded on the shore and accumulate … ; algae soon putrefy, especially when the temperature is high, spreading a pestilential smell; sometimes so much hydrogen sulfide is emitted that the white paint on boats and

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Gauging the Propagandist's Talents

William Le Queux's Dubious Place in Literary History: Part Two

A. Michael Matin

enormous targets, and, filled as they were with hydrogen, they were, of course, combustible. 47 Airships were, nonetheless, more difficult to bring down than one might think. They flew at high altitudes, out of artillery range, and normal bullets simply

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Fuelling Capture: Africa's Energy Frontiers

Michael Degani, Brenda Chalfin, and Jamie Cross

turbines capture the North Sea's squalls and gales, producing more renewable energy than the islands can use or export, and catalysing all manner of experimentation in ancillary storage via electric vehicles, ‘grid batteries’ and hydrogen fuel cells. Energy

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Sicilian Futures in the Making

Living Species and the Latency of Biological and Environmental Threats

Mara Benadusi

Ecofining involving the hydrogenation of vegetable oils. It was first used in Europe on the Italian deep-sea patrol ships popularly known as “palm oil ships” but recently has been exported outside Europe thanks to a cooperation agreement that Eni signed with

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Kanzlerwahlverein No More?

Failed Internal Coalition Building and the CDU/CSU's 2021 Campaign

Matthias Dilling

emphasized the need to invest in “future-oriented technologies,” to make Germany a global leader in hydrogen fuel, and to advance the decarbonization of the steel industry. 26 For the social-Catholic left, he emphasized the importance of the equality of