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Patricia Mainardi

be printed separately, their pages then interleaved with pages of text, an expensive and time-consuming process. 1 As a result, illustrated periodicals such as La Silhouette (1829–1831) or La Caricature (1830–1835) appeared more like albums than

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Benoît Glaude

The forms taken up by French comics in the Offenstadt brothers' wartime weeklies echo other representations of the Great War produced behind the front lines, including the music hall, popular imagery and illustrated newspapers. The Offenstadt brothers' picture stories, which staged comic operas starring soldiers and conformed to French propaganda instructions, were a hit with soldiers and civilians (including children), aside from some offended Catholic critics. This essay contextualises their success, focusing on the reception of the comics, particularly those by Louis Forton.

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Catherine Broom

This paper presents an overview of British Columbia's (B.C.) educational history, interwoven with descriptions of textbooks. Focusing on social studies textbooks, this article explores change and continuity in the history of public schooling, paying attention to whether citizens were conceptualized as active, passive, or patriotic citizens. It identifies four key periods: the establishment of public schools in B.C., the rise of the Progressivist movement in the 1930s and reaction to it, advocacy of Bruner's structure of disciplines in the 1960s, and pendulum swings in philosophic orientations in the latter part of the twentieth century. The article illustrates connections between contemporary philosophies and textbooks, and identifies continuity and change in the content and aims of the textbooks.

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Šahrzâd and Šahrbâz

A Story Illustrated in Signs

Elham Etemadi

from the manuscript’s calligraphed text, obviously because it is the version that the illustrations refer to. The manuscript, however, does not have any page numbers, whether on illustrated or on calligraphed pages. Therefore, in order to refer to the

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Making Lobsticks

Traveling Trails with Teetł’it Gwich’in

Jan Peter Laurens Loovers

the respective Khanty woman is connected to the decay of the idol. Jordan, further, illustrates how Khanty commemorate bear hunts through marks on trees ( 2003: 116–118 ). The blaze identifies a killed bear and forward slashed marks signify the number

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Ronald de Rooy

visual imagination deployed by Dante’s text, known for its ‘clear visual images’ and ‘visual imagination’. 6 Visual Milestones Starting with a rich medieval and Renaissance manuscript tradition, Dante’s Comedy has been illustrated by many famous artists

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Anastasia Todd

Southern Ukraine, to transnational adoptee, to all-American daughter, is at once a literal as well as a symbolic enfoldment of disabled subjectivity into the national imaginary. I illustrate how her enfolding is premised on her affective labor, which

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Beyond citizenship

Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India

Nicolas Jaoul and Alpa Shah

, its official ceremonies, its daily discipline” (1993: vii, my translation). The very notion of political culture , however, questions this dichotomy and invites us to look less pessimistically at the creativity of people’s politics. Illustrating this

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John H. Gillespie

celebration of man’s metaphysical liberation. The play, despite Sartre’s denials, 24 is an attack on the idea of God, and illustrates the anti-theistic elements of his thinking. However, it is also a call to practical action. 25 The Bourgeoisie, Mallarmé and

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Özlem Özmen

mostly retained. The following plot outline of Pascal’s play illustrates the unmistakable similarities with Shakespeare’s Lear . The play stars a female protagonist Esther as the equivalent of Lear, and she has conflicts with her three daughters as he