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Immaterial and industrial labor

On false binaries in Hardt and Negri's trilogy

Sylvia Yanagisako

At the core of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's thesis that a new global form of sovereignty has replaced a previous imperialist geography is their claim that the capitalist mode of production has undergone a shift from a modern era in which “industrial labor“ was hegemonic to a postmodern era in which “immaterial labor“ has become hegemonic. In this article, I argue that capitalism in Europe (let alone other areas of the world) does not conform to this model. I draw on the history of Italian manufacturing and on my ethnographic research on the silk industry of northern Italy to question the analytic usefulness of their distinction between “industrial“ and “immaterial“ labor and to show that the latter has always been crucial to industrial production. I conclude that Hardt and Negri's attempt to expand the definition of productive labor to include the “multitude“ unwittingly parallels an emerging discourse that serves to legitimate transnational hierarchies of labor.

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Gil Hizi

, Maurizio . 1996 . “ Immaterial Labor .” In Radical Thought in Italy: A Potential Politics , ed. Paolo Virno and Michael Hardt ; trans. Paul Colilli and Ed Emory , 133 – 147 . Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press . Lee , Haiyan

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Urban tourism via dispossession of oeuvres

Labor as a common denominator

Marc Morell

such as “immaterial labor” ( Hardt and Negri 1994: 3–21 ), “interpretive labor” and “imaginative labor” ( Graeber 2012 ), or “collective labor” ( Harvey 2012: 67–88 ) signal a break with restricting labor to the shop floor ( Narotzky 2018 ). Even

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A megastructure in Singapore

The “Asian city of tomorrow?”

Xinyu Guan

ostensibly “free” “immaterial labor” of the migrant patrons, in the collective creation of affect that extends beyond acts of exchange, a public manifestation of collective “dream[ing]” ( Brash 2019: 323 ). Yet, such acts of dreaming perhaps points toward

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Discipline (and Lenience) Beyond the Self

Discipleship in a Pentecostal-Charismatic Organization

Bruno Reinhardt

Participation . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . 10.1017/CBO9780511815355 Lazzarato , Maurizio . 1996 . “ Immaterial Labor. ” In Radical Thought in Italy: A Potential Politics , ed. Paolo Virno and Michael Hardt ; trans. Paul Colilli and