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Human Rights of Immigration Detainees and Deportees in a Hostile Environment

Pierre Makhlouf

eyes, deserving of hostility by ‘abusing our hospitality’. Alongside this perception is the charge that human rights campaigners have in the past suppressed discussion of immigration. In my experience, there has seldom been a time when immigration has

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Administrative guidelines as a source of immigration law?

Ethnographic perspectives on law at work and in the making

Larissa Vetters

these guidelines are contested. In these processes, the micropolitics of the making of immigration law through paperwork, in which a plurality of actors partake, becomes most visible. I argue that an understanding of the politics and practices of

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Does the Immigration Issue Divide German Attitudes toward Social Welfare?

Laura Häkkilä, Michael Pfeifer, and Timo Toikko

In this article, we explore the attitudinal basis of the immigration issue and the German welfare state. Scholars have shown that immigration influences social welfare attitudes by the immigration rate, 1 a person's socioeconomic background, 2

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All-Male Warrior Dances and Men's Groups Coping with the Decline of Manhood and Immigration in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Zoia Tarasova

themselves and each other. What do men themselves think of the challenges posed to them by the post-Soviet economic and social transformations, and how do they cope with them? 3 Post-Soviet Economic Precarity and Male Immigration from Central Asia and

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(Re)imagining Immigration Narratives and Surveillance Practices by Experiencing “Use of Force”

Kellie Marin

immigration control by encouraging active participation. Numerous television shows, for instance, are aimed at educating viewers of the risks that border workers face. Shows such as Border Security: Australia's Front Line ( 2004– , Seven Studios), Border

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Memories of Migration

Commemoration, Contestation, and Migrant Integration in the United Kingdom and Germany

Barbara Laubenthal and Kevin Myers

Islamophobia across Europe are indicators of a growing perception of immigration as a threat. In 2017, a far-right party entered the national parliament in Germany for the first time since World War II. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) received 12.6 percent

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Rhinos and Hippos, Oh My!

Laurent Obertone and the Dangers of Domestication

Louis Betty

, colonial attitudes among the French elite toward elements of the French population issuing from immigration, especially of the West and North African sort. 3 If society was becoming ensavaged , the implicit reasoning went, this could only be because the

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A Clash of Civilizations?

Pegida and the Rise of Cultural Nationalism

David N. Coury

have taken up the idea of warning against the rise of “Eurabia” as a result of unchecked Muslim immigration. At the center of this argument, he writes, is first the claim that the political and ethical foundation of Western Europe lies in Christianity

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The Enduring Effect of Immigration Attitudes on Vote Choice

Evidence from the 2021 German Federal Election

Hannah M. Alarian

Immigration occupied an important position in nearly every German election of the past decade. Although Europe's so-called refugee crisis is often invoked as justification for immigration's electoral importance, the German electorate has long

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“China gives and China takes”

African traders and the nondocumenting states

Shanshan Lan

corporations, most Africans traders are subjected to intensified immigration control by the Chinese authorities. Only a limited number of them manage to obtain long-term visas to conduct business in China. The African population in Guangzhou is extremely