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The Relational and Experiential Qualities of an Ambiguous Concept

Noel B. Salazar

Immobility. What's in a name? According to Google Ngram Viewer, a search engine that registers word frequencies in Google's extensive text corpus, immobility is appearing more often across texts and discourses, and even more markedly so since the

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Immobile subjectivities

Navigating (Im)mobility in Migrants’ Career and Life Journeys

Flavia Cangià

around the condition of existential immobility, and how they try to respond to it, including imaginatively. Wafa migrated to Switzerland to seek asylum. Hela temporarily relocated to Switzerland to follow her partner on an overseas assignment. Wafa and

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Forced Immobility

Undocumented Migrants, Boats, Brussels, and Islands

Godfrey Baldacchino

fiction and film. 4 The current coronavirus pandemic has created various situations of such forced immobility and it has also inspired works of fiction based on such episodes. The cruise liner Diamond Princess was quarantined for nearly a month in

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A mother's hope in the midst of existential immobility from state and stigma

Katherine Smith

are placed in sharp relief. This article explores these reconfigurations and the intimate experiences of existential immobility as a mother, a caregiver, and a future-maker for one's child. It addresses what is at stake when a future beyond welfare

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“Africa, Are We There Yet?” Taking African Mobilities Seriously—Concluding Remarks

Kudzai Matereke

clearance of the cargo in the container. Like the container, which assumes an ambiguous position and new “metaphor of menace” upon its arrival in a Nigerian port, the global flows from Western cities can also turn mobilities into immobilities—a dimension

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Conservation-Induced Resettlement

The Case of the Baka of Southeast Cameroon—A Variation on the Habitual Mobility–Immobility Nexus

Harrison Esam Awuh

villages concerned. 12 Mobility and its opposite (immobility) are used here as analytical categories that combine practice, representation, and (the lack of) physical movement. 13 Mobility and immobility have particular traceable histories and

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Gatherings of Mobility and Immobility

Itinerant “Criminal Tribes” and Their Containment by the Salvation Army in Colonial South India

Saurabh Arora

In retelling the history of “criminal tribe” settlements managed by the Salvation Army in Madras Presidency (colonial India) from 1911, I argue that neither the mobility–immobility relationship nor the compositional heterogeneity of (im)mobility practices can be adequately captured by relational dialecticism espoused by leading mobilities scholars. Rather than emerging as an opposition through dialectics, the relationship between (relative) mobility and containment may be characterized by overlapping hybridity and difference. This differential hybridity becomes apparent in two ways if mobility and containment are viewed as immanent gatherings of humans and nonhumans. First, the same entities may participate in gatherings of mobility and of containment, while producing different effects in each gathering. Here, nonhumans enter a gathering, and constitute (im)mobility practices, as actors that make history irreducibly differently from other actors that they may be entangled with. Second, modern technologies and amodern “institutions” may be indiscriminately drawn together in all gatherings.

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Mobile Lives, Immobile Representations

Raili Nugin

arbitrary. Doreen Massey has noted that space has often been depicted as “conquering time, it is being rather than becoming.” 21 Massey argues that in representation of space, temporal aspects tend to be removed as “spatial immobility quietens temporal

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Aspiration and Desperation Traps in Trajectories of Physical and Social Mobility-Immobility

Young Female Migrants in the City

Ellen Bal, Hosna J. Shewly, and Runa Laila

agency and empowerment, and immobility as a lack thereof; 37 it also highlights the gendered dimensions of aspiration, desperation, and mobility. Leaving the Village out of Desperation The following section is based on the five cases of Shohana

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Pandemic Drones

Promises and Perils

Julia M. Hildebrand and Stephanie Sodero

evolve. The figure of the drone, too, remains in motion , needing to be momentarily held in place for critical assessment before we move forward into a future with novel (im)mobilities. This is the work of mobilities thinkers. Avenues for research