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Fighting Invasive Infrastructures

Indigenous Relations against Pipelines

Anne Spice

Critical infrastructure refers to processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets and services essential to the health, safety, security or economic well-being of Canadians and the effective functioning of government. … Disruptions of

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Ritual Infrastructure

Roads to Certainty in Two Brazilian Religions

Inger Sjørslev

Arriving in many big cities in the world, the picture that meets the eye is often one of visible infrastructure. The interior of the city seems to be laid out, particularly in the peripheries where construction work is going on and new roads are

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Mobility and Infrastructure in the Russian Arctic

Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein?

Nikolai Vakhtin

This special issue of Sibirica arose from a 2015 panel that was part of the annual conference at the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP). The panel—Mobility and Infrastructure in the Russian Arctic: Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein? 1

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Infrastructures of progress and dispossession

Collective responses to shrinking water access among farmers in Arequipa, Peru

Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

what constitutes progress in contemporary Peru influence the making of the city and its different possible livelihoods. The story of dispossession and “progress” will be told through two types of infrastructure: material infrastructures that serve to

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The Vanishing Power Plant

Infrastructure and Ignorance in Peri-urban Ulaanbaatar

Morten Axel Pedersen

infrastructure project that is never to be built. Known as ‘Power Plant #5’, the 300 MW thermal power plant was planned and tendered in 2008 by the Ulaanbaatar city municipality and the Ministry of Mines and Energy as part of a national strategy to beef up

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Kathleen Frazer Oswald

What Is Smart Transportation Infrastructure? While smart technologies generally align with twenty-first-century sensibilities concerning technology, convenience, safety, and security, no consistent definition for smart exists. 2 In most uses, the

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Delta Ontologies

Infrastructural Transformations in the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand

Atsuro Morita and Casper Bruun Jensen

entails paying equal attention to processes of infrastructural transformation and cosmological orientation ( Jensen and Morita 2015 ). In the Western tradition of geomorphology and land reclamation, deltas are viewed as manifesting the capacity of rivers

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The Brothel Phone Number

Infrastructures of Transnational Pimping in Eastern Romania

Trine Mygind Korsby

focusing on a specific such element – or indeed ‘infrastructure’ – that plays a vital role in what might be called the wider infrastructure of transnational pimping, namely the phone numbers for good brothels abroad. 3 One might think that the contact

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Mimesis and Conspiracy

Bureaucracy, New Media and the Infrastructural Forms of Doubt

Michael Vine and Matthew Carey

engulfed once active agricultural land and the communities that reside there. As farmers depleted the state’s ancient aquifers, the land above was sinking by up to two inches per month, destroying millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure in the slow

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T.M. Luhrmann

of our reality. The mind My goal in this article is to suggest that ideas about mind, about what Descartes called ‘the thing that thinks’, form a kind of infrastructure for thought, and that this infrastructure may change something as fundamental as