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Sexuality, Masculinity, and Intellectual Disability

Beyond a Focus on Regulation and Vicarious Illusions

Nathan J. Wilson and David Charnock

Research, scholarship, and theorizing about the intersection of sexuality and masculinity for men and boys with intellectual disability remains, at best, seriously limited despite decades of theorizing in the international field of masculinities

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Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Conundrums

Negotiating the Unforeseen Challenges of Ethnographic Fieldwork

Jocelyn D. Avery

The aim of my research project was to gain a greater understanding of the self-identity of people with severe intellectual disabilities. The goal was to contribute knowledge and theory that can be drawn on to enhance the policy and practice that

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Joseph J. Long

additional intellectual disabilities and high support needs. It should be noted, however, that some find this two-dimensional analogy limiting, considering the considerable heterogeneity in the way that autism manifests. The label of disorder also remains

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For an Anthropology of Cognitive Disability

Patrick McKearney and Tyler Zoanni

forms of cognitive difference, such as profound intellectual disability, limit one’s possibilities for full participation in any social situation? Third, in light of all this, how should we study cognitive difference anthropologically? Can we use

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The Limits of Knowing Other Minds

Intellectual Disability and the Challenge of Opacity

Patrick McKearney

work in the British care home for adults with intellectual disabilities 1 in which I conducted fieldwork, they have trouble understanding and relating to those they are there to support. Newcomers tend to respond by trying to gain access to the minds

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Girls with Disabilities in the Global South

Rethinking the Politics of Engagement

Xuan Thuy Nguyen

, primarily girls with intellectual disabilities, had dropped out of primary school. Twelve girls had low socio-economic status while nine came from working class families. Two girls came from ethnic minorities. The diversity of girls with disabilities in this

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Suburban Dissent

Defining Neighborhood Space and Place in Perth, Western Australia

Jocelyn D. Avery

authorities believe they are unsuitable to be released into the community ( DSC 2014b ). The WA government undertook a program of deinstitutionalizing all people with intellectual disability in the 1960s and 1970s (see Cocks et al. 1996 ). They were first

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Michele Friedner

medical anthropology, I was the assistant director at a day programme for deaf adults with intellectual disabilities. Our clients/consumers/participants (choose your word) came to our programme from around the San Francisco Bay Area and were from different

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Babies and Boomers

Intergenerational Democracy and the Political Epidemiology of COVID-19

Toby Rollo

crisis and not others? Barring some intellectual disability ( Simplican 2015 ) that reduces an adult citizen to the cognitive capacities of a child, all adults are permitted to vote and participate in public deliberations. In the United States, the

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Improving and protecting human rights

A reflection of the quality of education for migrant and marginalized Roma children in Europe

Silvia-Maria Chireac and Anna Devis Arbona

-school preparation and proficiency in the Bulgarian language. Roma are also placed in special schools for children with intellectual disabilities and behavioral challenges because of failing to pass a class and not because they truly are children with special needs