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Professionalizing Persons and Foretelling Futures

Capacity Building in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Kristin LaHatte

poverty ( World Bank and L’Observatoire National de la Pauvreté et de l’Exclusion Sociale 2014 ). Within this landscape of international development aid, this article examines the conflicts generated by the inherent promises imbued in capacity building

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Fragile Transfers

Index Insurance and the Global Circuits of Climate Risks in Senegal

Sara Angeli Aguiton

In recent years, Senegal’s developed a program of index insurance to cover farmers from economic losses due to drought. I investigate this emerging market in light of Jane Guyer’s question: “What is a ‘risk’ as a transacted ‘thing’?” To grasp the social practices required to make “rainfall deficit” a transferable risk, I explore the climate and market infrastructure that brings it into existence and follows actors who function as brokers allowing the risk to circulate from Senegalese fields to the global reinsurance industry. I show that the strategies set up to convince farmers to integrate a green and rational capitalist management of climate risks are very fragile, and the index insurance program only endures because it is embedded in the broader political economy of rural development based on debt and international aid.

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

supported by voter groups like artists, arts enthusiasts, and intellectuals as linkse hobby’s (left-wing hobbies). The linkse hobby’s , in addition to culture, were held to include international development aid and progressive projects such as support for

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Lisen Dellenborg and Margret Lepp

poorer parts of the world ( Kiefer 2006 ). International development aid organisations have an expressed interest in anthropology, with its thorough understanding of the milieus and the contexts of the implementation projects that it may offer. However