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Social Intimacy

Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

In this, the second of the special issues of Anthropology in Action on ‘COVID-19 and the Transformation of Intimacy’, we move beyond the microbial and the narrowly corporeal to look at social intimacy broadly. This is conceived at multiple

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Workplace Intimacy

Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

emerging ideological polarities the world over. It is in this context that the final issue of our set of special issues of Anthropology in Action on COVID-19 and the transformation of intimacy tackles the question of workplace intimacy. The articles in

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Microbial Intimacy

Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

this issue: ‘Will we ever shake hands again?’ Such ponderings and fears surrounding intimacy stem from the very nature of COVID-19 itself. It may be transmitted through touching contaminated surfaces. However, above all it is transmitted as droplets or

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Unexpected Intimacies

An Exploration of the Physician–Patient Relationship during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kelly Colas

Intimacy as a subject of scholarly enquiry provides a useful conceptual tool through which physical, social and temporal relationships can be analysed to glean critical insight to larger cultural and political processes. Yet intimacy is a

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Scientific Intimacy

The Changing Relationship with Medical Data at the Time of COVID-19 pandemic

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

relationship with medical data like never before. This article will analyse the structures that enabled the newly formed intimacy with numbers and data at the earliest stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focussing mostly on Ireland, I will examine how the

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Reinforcing Authentic Intimacy?

Relationships between an Escort Boy and His Male Clients in the Spectre of COVID-19 in France

Kostia Lennes

financial assistance from the government. Yet, financial insecurity is not the only consequence for sex workers’ lives. The lockdown and the fear of contamination have led to new forms of intimacy and sometimes disrupted the escort–client relationship

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Algorithmic Intimacy

The Data Economy of Predatory Inclusion in Kenya

Kevin P. Donovan and Emma Park

, analysing their call records and M-Pesa spending, Fuliza is building intimate relationships with users, coming to know computationally the credibility of would-be borrowers in order to modulate how much credit is offered. This is intimacy on an

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Intimacy with God and Coronavirus in Pakistan

Nadeem Malik

intimacy with God through prayers in mosques contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in Pakistan. As will be shown, Pakistan is living in an era where intimacy with God is not considered merely a personal affair. To most Pakistanis, it is a collective

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Viral Intimacy and Catholic Nationalist Political Economy

Covid-19 and the Community Response in Rural Ireland

David Whyte

intimacies. Many of the social transformations undertaken in the face of COVID-19 revolved around new understandings and regulations of proximity – between individuals, communities and institutions. The two-kilometre restriction created bounded communities

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Familial Intimacy and the ‘Thing’ between Us

Cuddle Curtains and Desires for Detached Relationality in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Andreas Streinzer, Almut Poppinga, Carolin Zieringer, Anna Wanka, and Georg Marx

through another pair. They then hug one another tightly, smiling and laughing. This tender scene of intimacy between erstwhile separated relatives was recorded in England and widely circulated on social media. The young grandson featuring in the shaky